Tuesday, October 30, 2007


About five years ago, I went into anaphylactic shock while I was sick with a cold. No one was ever able to determine what set it off, and it hasn't really happened since.

More than a week ago, I came home late from work and got really itchy -- it felt like the beginning of anaphylaxis. But it went away. Since then, I've been getting itchy a few times a day but was never able to find anything caushing it. Well, yesterday, I kinda' broke out in hives. Not really a lot of them, but a patch on my hip or a a patch on my lower back. They went away within five minutes, but it kind of freaked me out, espeicalyl since the last time I went into full-blown shock was when my body was out of sync due to illness.

So, I called the doctor today and asked them what to do. Because it started around the time of these prenantal vitamins, I'm not going to take them for two days and see if that helps. If not, I can take Benadryl while pregnant, I was told. So if I can control the rash that way, we're just going to try that. I'm supposed to call back in a few days.

Kinda' freaky. Would hate to find out that I'm allergic pregnancy. The nurse said it's extremely unlikely, and we just have to figure out what it causing the reaction. But I haven't really changed anything except that I quit drinking coffee and started drinking more milk.

Very strange.

I'll update later and let y'all know how it's going.

- Bethany :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny husband

Ray is on Cloud Nine lately. Not only because of the pregancy, but mostly because he feels so danged special. Since he was the one to check the home pregnancy test, he actually knew "first" and was able to tell me that I was pregnant. His latest favorite saying is, "How many guys get to tell their wives that they're pregnant?"

Not much is going on here. I am still tired all the time and sleeping is becoming uncomfortable. I don't like sleeping on my back, side or stomache. Makes things interesting. I do seem to have a blank pass to sleep, though, whenever I want. Take this weekend, for instance, I get to sleep in the car on the way to the Cities! This is an unusual perk, as the driver usually likes it when I stay awake and lead the conversation.

Besides that, I haven't had any morning sickness or anything so far. I got a little nauseous this morning, but it soon went away after I had some yogurt. That and a few large glases of water. Since I don't have to work today, I'm just relaxing. After this, I think I'll go for a walk or something. Maybe do dishes -- Ray would appreciate that as I haven't done dishes in about three weeks now. I'm spoiled like that.

So, as you can tell, pregnany is really exciting!

- Bethany :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well, it was positive!

Thanks to a little encouragement from my BFF Kelly, I stopped waiting for the nurse to call me and instead, I called back and spoke with the nurse. She said the test most certainly was positive. I was a little surprised, however, to learn that I won't actually go into see the doctor until I'm at week 12, or more specifically, until Dec. 12. In the meantime, she called in a prescription to a local pharmacy and told me to make good choices in the next two months. No drinking or smoking and I should cut back on caffeine. Cut back. Not necessarily cut out completely, so maybe I can still have a cup in the morning? Hmm, not sure about that.

It is starting to finally sink in. For the past few days, I was having a hard time actually thinking of myself as pregnant. This makes it seem a lot more real. So now I am wrestling with the key decision before me: When to tell my mother. It's been SO hard for me the last few days talking to my mom and not telling her my very big news. So, I've decided: Ray and I are going "home" to the Twin Cities this weekend, so I will tell her then. Originally, when considering the possibility of being pregnant, I realized that I would be at about three months, give or take, at Christmas. And wouldn't it be fun to tell her that day? But, I've changed my mind. Instead, I've decided that she would WANT to know what is going on in my life, and I really want to tell her face-to-face instead of over the phone. So, I'm going to tell her this weekend.

So I'll leave y'all with one last thought: I got my due date officially today: June 30. Wouldn't it be funny if s/he came five days earlier and s/he was born on our three-year wedding anniversary?

Thanks for reading.

- Bethany :)

I'm waiting...

Well, I made some progress since Sunday. I tried to make an appointment at the clinic, and you first have to go in for testing. So I did that this afternoon. It was an odd experience, to say the least. A lot of walking around from station to station. Almost like in Girl Scouts, when we learned knots at one station and made some craft at another. Except this wasn't nearly as productive. After about 40 minutes at the clinic, I filled the cup and went home.

I was told to call the nurse an hour later. So, I called her about 40 minutes ago and she wasn't available. I left a message and am now waiting to see if she calls me back. Hopefully, she can find a few minutes to call me. I would like to actually get to the productive part of my office visits, when I'm not going in to get tested to confirm what I already know.

Yeah, I'm a little crabby today. Ray already developed a code for what to say when I get snippy or witchy for no reason: He just says Minnesota Twins. Then, we laugh a little and get over it. Pretty funny.

Besides that, nothing new to report. If anyone has any ideas on thing I can drink, that might be good. I miss coffee. Tried Sprite, but it reminds me too much of being sick -- my parents gave me 7up when I was sick as a child. Not particularly found of milk. either, but I'm trying to drink a few glasses a day.

More later...

- Bethany :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The beginning...

There were two lines.

We had joked and even speculated about the possibility the past two weeks, but never did we actually think it would happen -- I mean, only 25 percent of couples get pregnant on the first "try" so to speak. I had performed "the test" a few minutes earlier and Ray checked the results when time was up. He did and a very strange-sounding voice called out, "You're pregnant." I didn't really believe him -- not that I thought he was lying. But come on! Upon my own examination, there sure were two very difinitive pink lines on the stick.

The next few minutes/hours are a blur of "Are you sure you did this right?" and "Ohmigod." We eventually made our way to Target to get some milk a couple of new books. I remembered at some point that I owed my brother Brian a birthday phone call and left him a message.

Other than that, I began reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and researching local ObGyns. More on this later, I'm sure - but I have this male phobia when it comes to certain aspects of medical care. Well, there's four ObGyns in town -- three are men. I sure hope the woman is taking new customers...

So, I plan to call Monday morning and make an appointment. We'll also take another at-home test tomorrow, probably. Just to double-check.

I also learned in the book and online that the 40 weeks of pregnany are counted from the date of the last period. Which means I'm already in week three -- and that babies are conceived during the first or second week of pregnancy, which seems kinda' odd. I also saw a pic of the itty bitty thing in my book -- reminds me of our geckos a little bit.

Well, thus the beginning of a very interesting journey, I suppose.

- Bethany :)