Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny husband

Ray is on Cloud Nine lately. Not only because of the pregancy, but mostly because he feels so danged special. Since he was the one to check the home pregnancy test, he actually knew "first" and was able to tell me that I was pregnant. His latest favorite saying is, "How many guys get to tell their wives that they're pregnant?"

Not much is going on here. I am still tired all the time and sleeping is becoming uncomfortable. I don't like sleeping on my back, side or stomache. Makes things interesting. I do seem to have a blank pass to sleep, though, whenever I want. Take this weekend, for instance, I get to sleep in the car on the way to the Cities! This is an unusual perk, as the driver usually likes it when I stay awake and lead the conversation.

Besides that, I haven't had any morning sickness or anything so far. I got a little nauseous this morning, but it soon went away after I had some yogurt. That and a few large glases of water. Since I don't have to work today, I'm just relaxing. After this, I think I'll go for a walk or something. Maybe do dishes -- Ray would appreciate that as I haven't done dishes in about three weeks now. I'm spoiled like that.

So, as you can tell, pregnany is really exciting!

- Bethany :)

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wmurphy said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!! It makes you feel less far away. We miss you!