Friday, November 16, 2007

Bad blogger...

Yeah, I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, sorry. But, I do have quite a few updates for everyone, some exciting, others not so much.

Doctor. Yea! Doctor's appointment was moved up one week to Dec. 5. That was good news, as the sooner I can hear that everything is OK, the more relaxed I will be. I guess the doctor is out of the office the week I had had an appointment. Whatever. I'll take it. Plus, Ray can for sure go with me now (before it was likely but not assured). Also, the sooner I get in to the doctor, the better as my list of questions seems to be growing daily.

Rash. OK. So, the rash is irritating and itchy and awful -- and, yes, I still get it often. Maybe not daily but three or so times a week. So I'm back to thinking that I'm allergic to pregnancy. The doctor said to take Benadryl, but I'm kind of anti-medication. If I can resist the urge to itch, the rash goes away on its own quickly, within minutes. I have noticed that it typically is caused by heat. And, for those of you who are all too familiar with me, I get overheated easily, so this is a problem. Additionally, I seem to be even warmer while pregnant. So, that's on the list for the doctor.

Nausea. Well, it hit me, although I'm still not suffering too badly. Mainly, I have adverse reactions to brushing my teeth. But, I've also noticed that certain smells are setting me off (guacamole, ick, and whatever the smell is in the press room at work, very ick). I also don't like the car, I think I'm getting some sort of motion sickness or something. But, I've survived so far. Usually I'm just getting waves of nausea but not actually tossing my cookies, so to speak.

Other things are on my list, too, for the doctor. But, I do have some modesty. Trust me, it's nothing y'all want to hear about.

Besides that, things seem to be progressing well. My clothes are still (just barely) fitting and I did break out one maternity skirt, but it was a bit big -- I just wanted to be comfortable!

Ray has been a complete trooper to date but I think he is starting to "hit the wall" so to speak, so I hope this fatigue thing subsides soon! He's picked up all of my slack and has done all of the cooking, cleaning, driving, and anything else I need done. Seriously, he's Superman. But, I pledged to at least try to help a bit more next week, so maybe I'll make the bed a day or two. No, really, I do owe him a night off or two. Arby's is opening soon in Bemidji, so that's an idea...

Aside from that, life is good. The snow is flying up north, so we came south to the Twin Cities this week to see family.

I'll try to update after the weekend.

Thanks for reading!
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

We loved having you and Ray this weekend. We laughed alot and just loved seeing both of you so happy!

I will be relieved once you go to the doc and get this rash and other reaction stuff taken care of.

You guys catch up on your sleep now...maybe store it up like the bears do!

Love mom