Thursday, November 1, 2007

New vitamins

Well, it turned out to be the vitamins.

After two days without taking any vitamins , I was rash-free. Then, today, I took a vitamin and was broken out all over my back by 2 p.m. So, the dr. said to take a different combination of vitamins. She said we could just change the prescription to another brand and find out if I reacted similarly or not, otherwise we could try uncoated vitamins, which she did not recommend (I guess they're gross). So, I'm to take a combination of folic acid vitamins and Flintstone's! I laughed. And, ever since, I've been humming the theme song to the TV show (slow day at work, what can I say?).

Besides that, nothing has changed. Still no naseau or anything. I like sleeping -- a lot -- but that's not too new either. This is coming from the girl who used to sleep on the bus to and from school.

Thanks for checking on us.
- Bethany :)


Jean said...

We are certainly glad your aren't allergic to the baby! Also glad no nausea so far - hopefully that stays --

mk said...

You make me smile! Thanks for spending the day with me. It was fun looking at baby stuff!