Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doctor appointment

Ray and I went to the doctor this morning (yea!) and were there about two hours. It was...interesting! After fighting and throwing a mini tantrum over scheduling issues (not that important, but at least worth mentioning), we got in.

The first 20 minutes or so, we had to answer medical histories and questions about ourselves with the nurse, who was nice. (And got a few chuckles from her when Ray made a little noise when she asked if I ever experienced any psychosis. She assured him that moodiness and hormonal outbursts do not qualify -- and then taught him how to say, "Yes, Dear," in a non-condescending tone.)

The doctor came in later and did the physical stuff (I'll spare you the details!) and asked another slew of questions. She was mainly interested in how long it took to conceive, etc., and the labor that my mother experienced. After all this, she ranked me as "very low" risk for pre-term or early labor. She was super nice and it was reassuring to meet her. She said my cervix was "beautiful" and said everything looked really good. She was funny -- wished my brother Brian a belated birthday (since that was the day we found out I was pregnant).

OK, so she said she would try to find the heartbeat, if I wanted, but only if I swore not to get upset or worried if she couldn't find it. I am now at 10 weeks, 3 days, and she doesn't typically see mommies-to-be for another two weeks and warned me that she probably wouldn't be able to hear it. Well, she didn't. She said the baby was under my pelvic bone and was not cooperating. As Ray said later, "What did we really expect? I mean, it is our child. Did you really think it would be cooperative?"

She set my next appointment for Jan. 2 and said I could have an ultrasound that day, but recommended that we wait until 18.5 weeks (February) when the baby is a bit more developed -- and they will probably be able to tell us the sex then. However, if she can't hear a heart beat on Jan. 2, we will have an ultrasound then to make sure everything is OK (she assured us that this is extremely unlikely, but offered the info just the same).

After that. I went to lab and they took four vials of blood and ran a few other tests (and when I grimaced at the needle, the tech was more than happy to laugh at me and tell me to get used to it -- I'll be a human pincushion for the next seven months).

So, that's about it. (Except, the doctor did tell me that I can't go tobogganing or snowmobiling this winter, and I'm still pouting over that.)

We certainly feel a lot better now, at least knowing who our doctor is! And, I'm sure the scheduling issues were a one-time occurance (at least that is what I'm telling myself). The doctor was super nice, and very reassuring, which was completely appreciated.

So, back to work, and then back to the clinic in four more weeks. I will have monthly visits until week 32 and then visits every two weeks until the final month, when they will see me weekly.

Starting to seem a lot more real, that's for sure.
- Bethany :)

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