Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Name Debate

I've been pregnant for 16, almost 17, weeks now yet we've been having this argument for eight years. I don't mind sharing the names that we've chosen -- they're the names we've agreed upon. I know some people don't share the names because they don't like getting feedback from friends or relatives, or they're afraid that someone might (insert scream here) "steal" their precious name. That's just not us.

But, before I tell you the names, let me explain the history of the Great Name Debate.

For the handful of you who may not know this, Ray (Raymond) is named after his father, Ray (Raymond) -- although they do have different middle names. From the moment I met Ray eight years ago he has never hidden the fact that he wanted to name his son Raymond as well. Have I resisted this? Yes. It's not because I don't like his name, I do, but it just creates a few complications, in my own opinion.

But, eight years ago, the idea of kids was never really on our minds, so we just ignored the topic. Fast-forward a few years and Ray and I decide to buy a kitten. I name the kitten Orion after one of my nicknames for Ray. Here, I thought that might settle the debate once and for all. But, Ray of course thought (rightfully so, in retrospect) that there was a difference between a cat and a son. (In case you are wondering, the cat was eventually "inherited" by Ray's parents.)

So the debate continued. Ray swears that I have promised him more than once that he could name his son Raymond. And, since he actually has me saying this on tape (long story involving a new mini cassette recorder that I got for work and a tape I made him for one of his long football bus trips), I can't really deny this.

Meanwhile, I told him that I wanted to name my daughter after my grandmothers. He thought this was sweet and all until he realized that my maternal grandmother's name was made infamous by a band called The Kinks.

So, we were at a stalemate.

A while back, I can't remember when, but I wasn't yet pregnant, I offered this deal: He can name his son Raymond, but he would be called by his middle name (yet to be decided at that point) if I could name my daughter after my grandmothers. We agreed. (We probably even "pinky" swore as that was our thing back then.)

Once I got pregnant, things escalated a bit. And, I knew that we had to agree on names before the ultrasound. (If it is revealed to be a boy, I knew that Ray would say, "Well I would have let you name the girl (after your grandmother), so you have to let me name him Raymond." If it is a girl, I knew he would just dig his heels in on the girl's name.)

But, we finally agreed this week on the names, as originally proposed.

Boy: Raymond Robert Wesley (we would call him Robert or Robbie)
Girl: Lola Elizabeth Wesley

I love the name Robert, so I really do love the name choices. Ray likes Lola because it means so much to me. So, really, even though we've gone around and around on this, these are the names that we really love.

Of course, we could always change our minds later, as that does tend to happens from time to time with us.

Stay tuned.
- Bethany :)


mk said...

I am so very, very touched by you wanting to name your baby girl after my mom. She loved you so very much - she would of been so honored. Did you know that both her and her brother Alfio are named after a famous Italian play? Auntie Roe knows the story - you should ask her about it sometime.

We had such a great time visiting Bemidji this weekend. It will be hard to forget Ray's 3 strikes in the 10th frame or Dave almost fallling down throwing the bowling ball. But, the best was just being with the both of you.

Love you

Jean said...

I believe naming your child after those that you love and miss is a wonderful thing. For you to name your son ( if it is a son) after your self, your father and your brother couldn't be any better!

We love you all!

Other Mother & Dad

wmurphy said...

The names are lovely! Thanks for sharing!
Much love,