Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little butterflies

It finally happened! We felt the baby for the first time last night.

I came home late from work (council meeting) and sat down on the couch and soon felt these strange little feelings in my lower tummy. I put my feet up and sure enough, s/he was just flip-flopping and somersaulting away. She kept it up for about 30-40 minutes or so. Then, s/he took a little break and started up again for another 15 minutes. It was amazing.

Of course, I knew that Ray would think I was nuts, so I told him to feel and while I don't think he could feel quite everything like I could, he could tell something was different. It was surreal, that's for sure.

S/he started doing her acrobatics in the middle of one of our favorite shows ("Boston Legal"), so that was kind of funny.

But, it was certainly one of the most amazing things ever!
- Bethany :)


Kelly said...

That is so awesome!

Jean said...

I'm happy to here that s/he is moving! It's wonderful!
Just wait until June when their isn't enough room for everyone!

Love you ALL

Other Mother

wmurphy said...

Wow!!!! That is so exciting!