Monday, January 7, 2008

'Pop' goes the weasel...

I suppose it was inevitable. I sort of "popped" this weekend. It was so funny. For the last few weeks, I've had this little bump, only really visible to Ray and me. Friday night, Ray and and I were relaxing at home, playing video games and watching TV. He ended the night like every one, just kissing my belly, saying goodnight and telling him/her about his mommy and daddy. Then came Saturday. I woke up and lounged on the couch for a little bit before going to take a bath. And, oh my gosh. It was like the belly doubled in size overnight. Seriously. Even Ray was gaping at me a bit. If was pretty strange, but necessary I suppose.

Besides that, not much new on the baby front. We got a big chunk of cleaning done this weekend at home - yea! Was so weird to (finally) put Christmas things away and thinking that next year we're going to need another stocking.

Ray thinks I'm crazy (a common thought lately), but I could have sworn I felt the baby move Friday. S/he probably found the season three finale of "Lost" to be as exciting as I did... But, really, I felt something! OK, probably not, but it was excited to think about it soon. I read that you usually feel movement between weeks 18-20 and I'm in week 16 now... Not too long! :)

I finally feel like "me" again -- which is greatly appreciated. OK, the smell of guacamole is still impossible to stomach, but other than that, I'm doing well. I had energy all weekend and an appetite, so that was good. (I made dinner for Ray all by myself on Saturday -- and not frozen pizza. I made Italian sausage with peppers, onions and potatoes. Don't laugh. It was a big deal in our house, seriously, especially since it was edible!)

I am kind of bummed today, but mainly due to a lack of math skills. I thought our ultrasound, scheduled for Jan. 30, was three weeks from Wednesday and it's really four. Stupid months with five weeks in the time. Screws me up. Oh well, either way, it's coming soon! Ray is convinced the baby is a girl, but everyone else seems to think boy. Hopefully, we'll be able to find out soon.

- Bethany :)


mk said...

Makes me smile to know you two are enjoying the pg moments! Also glad you are cooking - boy, didn't you the Italian gene?! But, I know you can do it you just have to want to..

Love mom

david said...

Hey Peanut,
Don't worry too much about the "guacamole" smell, I don't think I can stomach it either! HA!
But suasage and peppers? Now THAT is a meal no matter what your condition is! Looking forward to seeing you both.

Jean said...

I guess I missed a lot being gone for a week ---- glad to see everything is going to well!

I too think the baby is a little girl!

Continue to take good care of each other!

Other Mother