Monday, January 14, 2008

An unexciting update...

How's that for a catchy headline? :) What can I say; I just wrote four stories in the last 90 minutes and I'm tired of being creative! But, I have about 15 minutes before I head to a council meeting, so I figured I would try to add something to my blog (no pictures again, the camera somehow ended up in Raymond's work buddy's truck for the weekend, so we'll try again this week -- if I get my camera back!).

No baby news, really. I keep HOPING that I'll feel some movement, but what's that old saying? A watched pot never boils? (Or, in our house, a pot of water that Bethany puts on the stove doesn't boil -- this stems from a pot of potatoes that never boiled because I put the pot on the wrong burner, but that's another story from the Cooking with Bethany series, for another blog.)

So, we're now in week 17 (meaning, for those who have asked, I am finished with 16 weeks and now just starting week 17 -- they switch on Sundays). Just 3.5 weeks until the ultrasound. About 3.5 months until we get motivated on the nursery... OK, hopefully not, but that project is not moving forward in leaps and bounds, to say the lease.

We, at least, got the whole house clean this weekend (Raymond had to give up previous video game time to do so, but it was much appreciated). So, now the next project will be the extra room and finding room to store all the stuff stuffed under the bed that we need to get rid of... Sigh. It's all very overwhelming.

But, my closet had to be rearranged this week this week to make room for baby stuff, which was completely exciting! I got ride of some old clothes and found that I needed about a foot of hanging space to hang some really cute little outfits and accessories. I also have a growing pile of baby books and other fun items.

Myself, I haven't been able to actually buy anything. Maybe after the ultrasound, when I see the little guy/gal on screen.

Speaking of which, Ray already is questioning my parental decision-making skills. OK, so we REALLY want to be able to tell the baby's gender at the ultrasound. Well, I read online that the best way to make sure that happens is to make sure that the baby is active and moving around, allowing for different views of his/her body. So, there were moms-to-be who said they made sure this happened by drinking a little caffeine and having some sugar before the appointment. Sounds good to me! But, while Ray certainly wants to know the gender also, he doesn't necessarily agree with the method.

One of these days I'll post about the Great Name Debate, as I call it. But, since new developments happen daily, I don't want to get into it until I have a handle on what Ray wants to do. But, as a slight hint, the names will be decided upon before the ultrasound.

Have a good week!
- Bethany :)


david said...

Wow, that wore me out! At leat your sense of humor is still in tact! Hey, if you need help with the Baby Room, let me know, would be glad to come up and lend a hand, and I am sure mom would be glad to help you supervise!
See you both in a few days....but I think we might pass on the golf tourney!

Bethany said...

Yeah, it might be a little cold for golfing on the lake - the wind will be brutal out there!

See you soon! :)

Mom said...

Boy, picking on the girls again Dave.

It will be really fun doing the nursery! We would be glad to store anything that you need to store.


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