Monday, February 11, 2008

20 weeks down, 20 more to go...

Well, I am officially past the halfway mark! (Although really, since you can't find out that you're pregnant until you're already at least 4-5 weeks pregnant, the last "half" is actually longer than the first, right? But, I'm assured by those who have lived through it that the next 20 weeks, if even, or more, will fly by.)

The nursery. Well, we got the giant bed taken part and moved into another part of the house. And, we went through the boxes hidden underneath the bed (eight empty boxes that we use to move our dishes, two empty boxes for our Nativity -- we leave it on display year-round -- one box of various electrical cords, one box of Bethany's high school yearbooks, two or three boxes of Bethany's saved newspapers and articles, and one box of artwork from Bethany's third-graders from her senior year of high school). Notice a pattern? Yeah, so did Ray. Lots of Bethany stuff. So, that all ended up in a pile for me to go through this week. And, yes, I reluctantly decided to throw away the empty boxes.

Ray is now gone. He was sent to Baxter (near Brainerd) for a three-day training session for work. (You know, it's funny. My little brother recently returned from a job-training trip in Florida -- and Ray goes to Baxter. Seems fair.) Being apart isn't new for us -- I mean, I've taken trips to Arizona, New Orleans, etc., while we've been dating and married -- but he's never left me before. This is new. And, not fun, I'm learning. We were sad Sunday night, but, surprisingly, I didn't seem to much care this morning when he left at 4 a.m. -- all I really remember is yelling something about turning the lights off. But, he comes back Wednesday, so it's not like he's gone for too long.

My car has decided since Ray wasn't here this morning that this was the ideal time to be difficult. It wouldn't start this morning at all. My car, while known as a big baby when it comes to the cold, has never not started for me. Ever. Even this past weekend, when it was -50 with the windchill, she started just fine. Today, a whole 10 degrees warmer, at least, and she refuses to turn over. Long story short, she eventually started about an hour later after Lola learned a few new four-lettered words.

Ooh, speaking of Lola, she continues to get stronger. Seriously. Her kicks have become much more powerful and distinct. A few have caught me off guard, but they're so fun! Ray can consistently feel them also, which is pretty cool. I'm super excited for this week: I should be getting her baby book any day now. I ordered it online last week, so hopefully I should receive it by Friday. I know there are a few "waiting for baby" pages that you can write in during pregnancy, so that will be fun.

That's really about it for now. Check back later this week -- I'm sure with Ray being gone and not having cable I'll have more to say later.

If not, have a happy Valentine's Day!
- Bethany :)


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast the first 20 weeks went! I'm sure you're thinking that it hasn't been so fast, but, the 20 weeks will be up in no time! Can't wait to see you. Hopefully before Lola is born... I wanna see your baby bump!

wmurphy said...

Oh my gosh, seems like the 20 weeks went by in no time! Might have seemed a little slower for you, since you were waiting during a lot of it and all. Isn't it harder when they leave you at home? I have always thought that. At least it's not too long - it'll go fast and then he'll probably do something to irritate you, and you'll think "why didn't I enjoy my time alone more...." Or, so it goes for me. Take care and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Jean said...

I am surprised your half way there! Good for you! The next weeks will be wonderful! So much to do and think about. Can't wait to see you again!

PS ----- good luck getting rid of stuff - it's so hard!