Monday, February 4, 2008

Little Lola

This is our little Lola. Isn't she cute? (You can see how she seems to be waving.)

Well, after last week's excitement, not much has changed! Ray and I are still celebrating the news that we are expecting a baby girl.

Lola continues to get stronger. We mostly notice her at night, shortly after dinnertime. She's a little wiggle bug, that's for sure. Ray was able to feel one of her stronger kicks last night, so that was pretty cool.

This coming weekend is, supposedly, going to be dedicated to the nursery. (Ask me Monday just how much we got done!) But, we do hope to finally clear out the room and take down the camping pics and my tennis awards. We need to find another location for the camping supplies, too. Considering we've only lived here for 7-8 months, we have managed to acquire a lot of stuff.

Regarding myself, my belly continues to expand, which is both scary and exciting. I feel just fine, although I do seem to be a bit more tired. Most frustrating right now is my appetite, as I am absolutely starving all of time. I try to do the 4-5 meals-a-day plan, but I really think I could eat 14-15 a day, if I would let myself! Instead, I've taken up snacking on carrots, peanuts, etc., at work. Otherwise that candy machine is just too tempting!

Off topic, Ray and I made a much-needed trip to the Twin Cities this past weekend. As always, the time flew by, but we were able to see family as we hoped. We also got a chance to look at some crib options and decided, I think, that JC Penney's is our best fit for now. I also found a little baby book which we will soon order, and quite a few little girly outfits caught my eye! (There was this itty bitty little tennis dress that was absolutely adorable; while I was able to resist, for now, I just may need to order one or two online...)

Thanks for checking on us. Sorry if we're boring, but things will pick up soon, I'm sure.

Happy Super Tuesday, in advance!
- Bethany :)


wmurphy said...

It was so much fun to see you this weekend! Oh, she's going to be a doll!!!

Jen said...

It's so exciting! Have fun working on the nursery this weekend. You'll have to post some photos of the progress!

mk said...

She sure is a cutie! And you looked so darn cute and happy this weekend.

Your ideas for the nursery sound adorable! Can't wait to see the progress in action.

Love, mom