Saturday, February 16, 2008

Us? Motivated?

Wow. Really, that's all I can say after yesterday (Friday). Wow.

Bear with me, this might take a minute or two:

I was off Friday, so I decided that I would rearrange my closet during the afternoon. Now, I don't know how long this takes most people, but since the entire point of doing it was to find extra storage space, I basically needed to take every item in the closet out and start from scratch. I also seem to have a little obsessive-compulsiveness in me -- all my clothes are hung on certain hangers, facing the same direction, and are in order from sleeve length and color -- basically, you could remove an item of clothing from my closet and I could tell you what it was. So, in short, this was a long process. But, I did it. And I got four new boxes inside -- yea!

Of course Ray came home from work and looked at my closet and said, "THIS took you all day?" And then looked at the still-messy kitchen and sighed. Oh well.

Then, Ray and I had to run into town to check if our recently-purchased crib bedding would match the Minnesota northwoods theme depicted on a quilt downtown -- and it matched perfectly! We were really concerned about whether the pinkish flowers on the bedding was too pink. But, we couldn't have matched it any better! Seriously, if I ever get around to posting pictures this week, you'll see! It was so cool!

Thus, we were getting a bit more excited about the nursery, so when we got back home (it was about 5 p.m. or so), we were motivated to actually do something.

Fast-forward four hours and the nursery is empty!!! Seriously, the big bed and all the boxes are completely GONE!

OK, well, we still have SOME things left to do tonight and tomorrow, but they're the FUN things, so we're actually excited about it. The cubby full of camping supplies still needs to be sorted through -- Ray and I are actually looking forward to doing this, if for no other reason, we get to think about springtime for a while.

Also, the pictures on the wall (all camping related) are moving into the master bedroom. The other wall, which was kind of an ode to Bethany's tennis days, was boxed up and put in the closet, so all we should have left with the walls is spackling and painting!

But, these are such little things! The bed was the major hurdle for us, and just walking through the empty room we can see where the crib and dresser will go, where Ray is going to paint the pine trees and flowers, where we'll hang Mr. Owl and all his little forest friends. It's so fun!

So, that was our Friday night.

Oh, one quick funny: We have four canoe paddles, but last night, while moving some things around, we realized that something wasn't quite right. We only had three canoe paddles. This is a problem, since we use two to hoist the canoe onto the top of the truck and the other two to actually power the canoe (OK, in all fairness, Ray powers the canoe with his one paddle and mine kind of sits beside me in the "ready" position in case my help is ever needed -- and if Ray wants a nice afternoon on the lake, he knows better than to ask). Well, long story short, Ray got all bundled up last night and hiked down to the waterfront and dug through the snow for a while -- and tada! He found the missing paddle still hiding under the canoe.

But the really funny part was that he found more than the paddle. There also was a slumbering raccoon that thought the canoe made a very nice shelter from winter. Ray said it was hard to tell who scared who more -- he also said they both ran away from each other pretty quickly.

Ahh, Bemidji. We love it here.

Anyhow, I hope you all are having a good weekend!
- Bethany :)


mk said...

I just can't wait to see the nursery when it is done! It will be adorable! I love the quilt and the whole nursery theme. Lola will be one very happy baby with very special parents!

Can't wait to see you this weekend...miss you terribly...

Love mom

Jean said...

While reading the Blog, I couldn't help but think some day Lola will be so lucky to read about her history - even before she was born! She will see how much she is loved!

Love to All

Other Mother