Monday, February 25, 2008

A vocabulary lesson

I love words. All words. I even have favorites -- winningest is among them. My greatest pet peeve is when people say "funnest" and "funner" and completely butcher the English language.

That said, it seems I still have much to learn.

While having a conversation with some sisters-in-law this past weekend, the conversation somehow turned to labor and how I might envision giving birth. One had two kids through c-section, so I thought we were talking about whether I would prefer a c-section or "natural" birth. Well, apparently, "natural" childbirth means something completely different than "vaginal" birth. One sister-in-law had experienced labor without drugs of any kind. After hearing those stories and one or two others about women who attempted truly "natural" births, I realized I had misspoke. I had actually meant "vaginal" birth -- to clafify, pain drugs are completely welcome and encouraged. Strongly.

Those who know me know I am big baby. Seriously. I have a scar of my right calf from when I got stitches and cried because it hurt so bad. I was 20. The ER doctor, I think, was less than impressed with my lack of pain tolerance and rushed through the stitching process just to shut me up. Let's see, I also cried when I got me ears pierced. All three times. Even this morning, I teared up a little when I dropped a shoe on my bare foot. (In my defense, though, it was a stiletto-type shoe and I don't really recall if the tears were due to the pain or because I miss wearing all of my spiky heels.)

So, yeah, labor is a scary thought. Very scary. I was teasing Ray the other day that he has to wear a "sympathy belly" when we take childbirth classes in April. His response: "My belly just unstraps and comes off. To get rid of yours, you need to actually push the baby out." He helps keep things in perspective, doesn't he?

Onto other topics, I am now in my 23rd week. Things are still pretty uneventful here. The belly continues to expand. I finally had to give up my pre-pregnancy jeans last week. Lola continues to kick several times a day, most often during City Council meetings, which is nice because it helps keep me awake (editorial note: I'm just kidding, if anyone from work is reading this -- I love my job).

Seriously, I am not missing the sickness or anything. The backaches are a bit more frequent and I am now uncomfortable all of the time, whether I am sitting on the couch or laying in bed. But nothing is unbearable yet. Lola isn't quite big enough yet, I don't think, to really wreak havoc in my ribs. Although, she did find a way last week to kick my back, which was an odd feeling.

So, life continues. Not much in the near future on the baby front except for a regular check-up Wednesday morning. I have a list of 15 or 16 questions ready! As Ray says, "I bet the doctor is just thrilled that she got the reporter for a patient."

Have a good week -- I will try to post an update later this week.
- Bethany :)


mk said...

Hi Peanut....
Really glad that you are feeling better. You looked so darn cute and pregnant this past weekend!
Story kind of reminds me when I was pregnant with you. Illinois did this wonderful thing called an epidural but when I moved to MN they were into the totally natural delivery and I was pretty darned terrified. Glad MN is wiser now and uses meds!

Jean said...

It was wonderful having you guys down this last weekend! For me having all of my children and their families (almost all of them) together is great!

The good thing about deliveries is the happen only once per child! For me the memory of the pain was gone as soon as I saw the results!

Love to all!

Other Mother