Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ha! This so goes what Ray believes in, but today we cut down a tree. Figuratively, of course.

After spending two days painting the trunk of one of the two planned pine trees in thr nursery and finding that it was taking two-plus hours to paint one branch (out of 15 or so), he decided that our mini forrest would have one tree. Lots of flowers, but one tree.

We'll see how he feels by week's end.

Well, I am still a week or two away from the official beginning of the third trimester, but I did get a preview maybe of what is to come. For no reason whatsoever yesterday I got nauseos. Nothing really set me off, but I felt really queasy for about 5-10 minutes.

Personally, I'm hoping it was just a fluke.

Oh, this was kind of unsettling: I get daily updates from an online website that tells me about the baby, how big she is, what she is doing today, etc., and it announced that as of last Sunday she is now "viable" if, for whatever reason, she was born prematurely. Aside from the obvious problems that she would be three-plus months early, that makes me think I should have a LOT more done at home than I do.

So I'm choosing to just ignore that and assume that she isn't coming until June.

Last night for the first time in probably six-plus months, Ray and I stayed up until midnight. Well, when my alarm clock went off at 8 a.m. for work I half laughed to myself, turned it off and slept in until 9:30 a.m. instead. I realized, though, as I fell back to sleep that my nights of 9- and 10-hour periods of sleep are probably dwindling.

Oh well.

Happy Palm Sunday everyone,
Bethany :)

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