Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nursery is progressing...slowly

Ray and I have always had our own special number, 23. We met on Sept. 23, and we always celebrated the 23rd of each month during that first year. When he proposed, there were 23 lit candles around the room. I still get cute little notes and such on the 23rd of each month.

So, I came home from work on Monday in a bad mood (this is pretty typical until I can either take a warm bath or put on comfy clothes like sweats). So, I go into the nursery to change and I see that he has started painting little pink flowers on the walls. (No, no trees yet -- that will come this weekend, I think). The flowers are SO cute!

So I return to the living room and tell him it looks very nice and asked him if we was doing the trees next. "No, not 'til the flowers are all done," he says. Then he looks at me, kind of shyly, and he's like, "There are going to be 23 of them."

He's such a cutie.

So in short, the painting is ongoing. As is the dresser situation. Ray had tried to finish staining the dresser and everything this past weekend, but that just didn't happen as planned and now I guess he has to start all over. Long story short, the dresser wasn't dry and the tarp that was on top of it for the ride back to Bemidji kind of melted into the dresser, so now we have a dresser with little green flecks all over it. Personally, I think it now matches the green grass and just looks like it laid face-down on the ground, but Ray didn't go for that.

Oh well. But, I'm still optimistic for a finished nursery by the end of March. We'll see.

Besides that, not many changes in Baby Land. Lola continues to get stronger and my stomach continues to get larger. I guess that's to be expected, but I am still having problems adjusting to the fact that it's getting harder and harder to see my feet. Not impossible yet, but my neck is getting quite the workout in the mornings! I also keep checking my belly button, but that has fortunately stayed inside thus far (I have a weird thing about outeys -- they kind of freak me out).

So, yeah, I guess all my concerns to date are appearance-related. So I guess that means everything is going well so far!

Thanks for checking on us!
- Bethany :)


k8ydid said...

Bethany, Thanks so much for the email with your updates. And I love your baby blog. It's fun to read about your progress, plans, etc. for Lola (tee hee)!
I remember when I was pregnant with Jess, having all that time to putter and do things at my own pace. Kinda relaxing, huh?
You take care and enjoy yourselves up in the north woods! Stay cozy!
Love, Kate

Jean said...

I'm so glad the painting is coming along - Lola will remember her 1st room with fond memories of all the things Mom and Dad did for her! Especially when she sees the blog and the pictures.

I'm glad you have the time to do all of this!

Love to all

Other Mother