Monday, March 3, 2008

Ray's colorful weekend

Well, Ray had a productive weekend! We decided last week that he would begin painting the nursery this weekend, seeing as though we plan to order the crib and furniture by March 18 or so. Well, Ray's good friend Layne drove up to visit this weekend and the two guys worked pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday.

So, in case I haven't described our nursery yet, here goes. We're doing a northwoods Minnesota theme, which means it will be decorated with Minnesota woodsy animals (moose, deer, fox, owls, wolves, etc. -- hopefully all friendly-looking as to not send our daughter into nightmares immediately after birth). So, we have lots of stuffed animals. But, because we always take the complicated route, Ray is painting a mural on the bedroom walls with red and white pine trees.

This past weekend, then, he and Layne got the walls painted. The top two-thirds or so was the blue "sky" and the bottom one-third was the "grass" -- he will finish up in the next week or so with the pine trees and little pinkish flowers that match the bedding.

It's quite the project. But, it already looks so nice! Seriously, the blue and green are bright and vibrant and so pretty. The guys did a real nice job this weekend. I do have some pictures, but I'm not going to share them. (I'm nice like that.) I'd rather post a picture of the nursery once it's all complete. So, maybe in April sometimes y'all can see what it looks like! I'm excited, it will be very nice when it's all done. My goal is to have the entire nursery set up and complete by the end of the month.

So, that was our big news.

Not much else has changed. I'm still feeling good, although I had a sudden bout of nausea this morning for no real reason, which kind of freaked me out. I'm just kind of assuming that was a fluke and won't repeat itself. I think I just wore myself out. I was trying to get the entire house cleaned before I left for work, so I think I just rushed through it and got worn out. Or so I hope. I'll let you know.

I officially entered the sixth month yesterday. I think the third trimester doesn't start until Easter Sunday for us (kind of a cool coincidence), but I'm not sure about that either. I have a hard time keeping track of weeks, months and trimesters. I never was good at math (just ask my brothers). So we have about 16 weeks left, assuming everything goes as planned and on schedule.

I had an odd dream last night, which isn't too unusual, but it gave me a bit of a start. I dreamt that I had an 11-pound baby (I'm afraid of big babies, especially since my doctor more or less told me to plan on one for the time being), but she was also a month early. Let's hope that's not the case...

Anyhow, it's sunny and fairly warm up here, but that's not supposed to last. Seriously, I think once spring does arrive (I know the calendar date is March 20, but I'm sure weather-wise it will take a bit longer to hit Bemidji), the rest of this pregnancy is going to fly by. I'll probably start panicking about that time, too.

But, for now, we're content and proud of the progress we have made in moving forward.

Happy March!
- Bethany :)


Jean said...

Glad to hear the painting is in progress! Can't wait to see the 'final' pictures!

I hope she isn't too big a baby! From my examples, Wendy was 8 pounds. 2.5 ounces, Lynn was 8 pounds 10 1/2 ounces and the most difficult delivery - her head and chest were REALLY big! Deanna 7 pounds 2 1/2 ounces - almost too easy! Michelle 9 pounds 10 ounces -- big but not to difficult - then Raymond 8 pounds 2 1/2 ounces - the easiest, but also one month early!

But I can't compete with Michelle giving birth to Maddie - she was almost 12 pounds!

wmurphy said...

You guys are doing so much work! I can't wait to see it. As I was reading it all I could think was, why aren't there pictures? Why aren't there pictures? I'm way too impatient!

Alex was 8lbs 2oz - in case that helps calm your fears at all. It was hard, but only because I was induced, I think. I've been told that women who are induced have a lot harder labor than those who aren't. I too am unable to compete with Michelle - poor thing....

mk said...

Sounds like it is going well...remember to not be around whle they are painting.

Hopefully, you will take after you were only 6 pounds 13 ounces...and the boys were 7 pounds 9 ounces. But, either way you will do great!

Love mom