Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday night at home

Ray and I spent last night cooking dinner and putting away miscellaneous baby supplies -- we even gave Lola her own kitchen cabinet space! Ray also has been really excited to set up our "baby gym" and see how it looks. So, we did that too (and as in we, I mean I read the directions and Ray put it all together). It's so cute! And it plays classical music, so we listened to Mozart last night instead of Johnny Cash for a whole three minutes.

Here, also, is the promised picture of our beautiful bassinette! It has been used for four generations in the Evans' family, starting with my grandmother's infancy. It's so pretty!

Besides that, no news here.

Just thought I would share a few pics with you,
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nine more weeks...

There hasn't been a lot of news on the baby front up here. We continue to work on getting things together and organized, but it's mostly just tying up the loose ends now.

Lola must be feeling a bit more cramped these days (don't we all?) as her kicks have kind of turned more into wiggles and stretches. It doesn't hurt, but sometimes she can take my breath away if I'm not expecting a jab to the abdomen.

Myself, I'm getting a little more crabby, but it's hard to tell if that's hormones or the weather (yes, we got another foot and a half of snow last weekend, but thankfully it is all melting away). And, for someone who was never blessed with an extreme amount of patience, I'm finding that I now have absolutely none. Overall, I'm still doing OK, albeit a little crabbier. I'm not sick or in too much pain or anything, but the daylong backache is starting to wear on me. I mean, I stretch, and it hurts. I sit, and it hurts. I lie down, and it hurts. I walk, and it hurts. So, yeah, that's getting a little old.

We're still nine weeks out from the EDD (estimated due date), so it's not like she's coming any day now, either, which I think makes it even harder. At least if we were two or three weeks away I could be panicky and all excited about her impending arrival. It does make me smile every day when I see her bassinette (I really should post a picture of that this week -- check back) or her high chair, both just sitting vacant and patiently waiting. And every day when I go into her room to get dressed or vacuum or whatever, I see her little outfits and her crib and it really does make me happy.

But then I have to get dressed -- and I struggle to just put socks on my feet. (If this stupid snow would ever melt, I could wear flip-flops or slip-on sandals, but we still have a good 3-4 inches left.)

So that's our life right now.

Oh, we did go on the tour of the hospital last week, which was interesting. There was one little itty bitty baby in the nursery; he was about six hours old and was adorable. We saw the birthing rooms, which were nice. We were told what we could eat that day (um, nothing) and then saw the little containers that you will throw up into if you do give in and take that one bite of your husband's Snickers bar. We obviously saw a lot more than that -- but for some reason I keep fixating on the 18-hour liquid diet part. Seriously, I'm just not a big fan of eating ice. A Mr. Misty from Dairy Queen, maybe, but just plain ice?!? This whole delivery thing gets more and more intimidating...

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a good week! Hopefully, we'll be able to connect with some of you this coming weekend when we head south to the Twin Cities.
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The sun'll come out...

This is just one of the final details that the nursery has been waiting on since Sunday night. Considering the blue sky, green grass and flowers throughout the nursery, we instantly fell in love with this ceiling light fixture a few weeks ago (it is so much more appropriate than the standard dome light that was on the ceiling). We bought the sun light Sunday morning and were very disappointed Sunday night to discover, in Bemidji, that several important pieces were missing.

So imagine my surprise when I returned home yesterday after a late night at work and found that Ray had magically found some way to get the light attached and working as it should (even after he told me on the phone just minutes earlier that he had given up). It is so nice! It just brings the whole room together, I think.

An added bonus is that the room now has a warm, yellowish tint when you turn the light on, if that makes sense. It's not bright, but relaxing.

Of course, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I couldn't help but think that Ray and I have never actually been camping on a day such as we have depicted in the nursery. Tornado warnings, yes. Thunderstorms and hail, yes. Partly cloudy days that end with torrential downpours, yes. Oh wait, I take that back. There was that one camping trip we made that was pure misery due to a lack of clouds (and water) and 105-degree heat, not counting the humidity. But that's a story for another day...

- Bethany :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

"I didn't know you could be spoiled while still in the womb"

Whew. I am exhausted. After a wonderful baby shower this past Saturday, Ray and I returned home yesterday afternoon and went straight to work as we tried to get the nursery all set up. Four hours later, we were exhausted -- and overwhelmed with just how much stuff this little girl has -- and she's not even here yet! (Thus the title of today's blog entry, which Ray uttered after fighting with the stud-finder yesterday evening.)

There is still some left to be done -- Ray is working to tweak a light fixture for the ceiling, which we bought Sunday morning and found to be missing pieces. Oops. And, if you look closely, you'll see that our rocking horse is, well, a bit bald. (Although it reminds me of Ray, which makes me smile every morning.)

The last picture will show you where all of her clothes will go. (Ray likes to tell me daily that Lola already has about five times as many clothing items than he does.) My closet (in her nursery) is already full of my own things, and I don't know how I could condense down my stuff to fit Lola's things, so we came up with this system, which I think is really cute and functional.

To calm down last night, we just sat in the middle of her room and looked at everything and just wondered at how cute it all is! We are so excited to actually bring her home!! Of course, we still have a lot left to do (like get mentally prepared for this), but it's just so cool to go into the kitchen and see the high chair or walk to the bathroom and pass the stroller system. Everything is really coming together!

Enjoy the pics!
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Husband stories

I have one of those "body pillows" that are especially appreciated by pregnant women because it actually allows you the chance to sleep comfortably for more than 20 minutes at a time. Well, the other night I got up at 3 a.m. to use the restroom and returned to bed and found Ray wrapped tightly around my pillow. On one hand it was really cute, and on the other, it was really frustrating. At the moment I didn't find it very endearing and I jerked it away from him. While talking about the incident the next day, Ray remembered stealing the pillow (although his version of the story differs from mine). either way, he said sleeping with the pillow was like snuggling with me before I got pregnant. "When you were skinny," were his exact words. We laughed. It was pretty funny.

Ray has been really supportive throughout the last seven-plus months. Not only has he worked hard on the nursery, but he's been really sweet about the whole thing. He loves talking to "the bump" and gets mad at work because I "get to be with Lola all day" while he's stuck across town.

A few weeks ago there was a marathon showing of the best country-music videos of all time (I know, I can already hear the groan coming from my side of the family), but there was a reference to a video about how having children particularly changes a woman. And Ray, without any preamble, said he can already see how I've changed. Aside from hormone-induced outbreaks, he said I've changed in regards to keeping the house nearly spotless and cooking at home all the time. Then he said that some guy friends were warning him that pregnancy is the beginning of the time that couples tend to grow apart -- but he said he's never felt closer to me than he does now.

Kind of cute.

Besides that, life continues. Last night I panicked at home and asked Ray to inspect my belly button as it looked infected or something and he's like, "Um, I think that is where your umbilical cord was cut -- it's a scar." And as I objected, saying that it was never like that before, he gently reminded me that I probably had never seen as much of my belly button as I can now. (Although I am still proud to say that it has not yet completely popped.)

I am getting more and more uncomfortable, but nothing too unbearable yet (although 10 more weeks still seems awfully long).

I also got a taste of how miserable I think I will be in June. The heat at church was broken on Sunday so it had to be at least 90 degrees in the chapel and I was miserable. Absolutely miserable. So, hopefully the humidity holds off until July or August (and, yes, I realize that I was just complaining about the snow last week, but I'm a complainer by nature I think).

Anyhow, thanks for checking on us! (And on a private note, if "B" or "N" is reading this -- enjoy your appointment tomorrow!)

- Bethany :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OK, one last touch!

Well, Ray and I decided that Lola needed just one last detail, so a third -- and final! -- butterfly was added earlier this week. This is it, I promise. The paintbrushes have since been cleaned and the paints have been put away. The painting is officially complete.

That leaves the dresser, which Ray worked on this afternoon at a friend's house here in Bemidji. It looks real nice; just needs one last coat of stain.

We did go to our first childbirth class this week. Along with learning new terms and definitions, we were treated to a real-life look at labor. And by look I mean a close-up video. Let's just say that we didn't go out to dinner afterward. Basically, the video reinforced my previous belief that if the medical community spent so much time and money and developing drugs to ease the pain that accompanies childbirth, who am I to turn it down? Ray had his own reaction to the video. It included thoughts of "ouch" and "oh my gawd." He, particularly, was affected by the views of the placenta. I don't think either of us expected it to be so very large...and purple.

But, I digress.

The class itself was pretty interesting. The RN teacher lady talked at us a lot, but it was just the first day. She had cute shoes, so that kept me interested. Starting this week we have to bring two pillows to each class for breathing exercises. Seriously, part of me really thought the whole sitting on the ground thing was just a TV/movie thing. I didn't think we actually would have to do that. The tour of Labor and Delivery is set for the third week, so that should be interesting.

Aside from that, things are quiet here. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Painting continues?!

I came home late from work last night and Ray showed me this right above the crib. It's really cute -- and he is SO good at painting butterflies! (In fact, there is a rumor about the possibility of a third butterfly flying around her room: Then we would have one for Ray, me and Lola. We'll see.)

So, I guess Ray hasn't quite given up the paint brushes yet!
- Bethany :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Springtime in Bemidji

OK, if anyone knows what I did to tick off Jack Frost and/or Mother Nature, let me know so I can apologize. As many of you have heard, our area got between 20 and 24 inches of snow this past weekend (this pic is from just after the first wave, which was about 5-6 inches, so it's now more than double what you see). Oh well. It offered another chance to use the shovel this morning before work!

On the plus side, it offered a chance for Ray to FINISH PAINTING. Yup, all of the painting is done. All the touch-ups, flowers, etc., everything is complete. And the paint and supplies has been moved from the nursery. It's so nice. It really looks beautiful, so great. Even small details that I wouldn't have thought of, such as pained light-switch covers and such. It's so bright and warm inside (especially compared to the winter wonderland outside).

Also, we bought our mattress this weekend and got the bed all set up! It's so pretty. Matches the flowers perfectly.

Additionally, I got started on hanging and organizing all of Lola's clothes. (Yes, she has about three times as many as Ray has already -- and more shoes, but that's to be expected.)

So, things are finally starting to come together! It's so exciting, seriously. We just sat in her room late last night and talked about how thrilled we are about her impending arrival (and summertime).

Check back later this week -- we have our first childbirth class on Wednesday, so I will probably post something afterwards.

Merry Christmas,
- Bethany :)