Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Husband stories

I have one of those "body pillows" that are especially appreciated by pregnant women because it actually allows you the chance to sleep comfortably for more than 20 minutes at a time. Well, the other night I got up at 3 a.m. to use the restroom and returned to bed and found Ray wrapped tightly around my pillow. On one hand it was really cute, and on the other, it was really frustrating. At the moment I didn't find it very endearing and I jerked it away from him. While talking about the incident the next day, Ray remembered stealing the pillow (although his version of the story differs from mine). either way, he said sleeping with the pillow was like snuggling with me before I got pregnant. "When you were skinny," were his exact words. We laughed. It was pretty funny.

Ray has been really supportive throughout the last seven-plus months. Not only has he worked hard on the nursery, but he's been really sweet about the whole thing. He loves talking to "the bump" and gets mad at work because I "get to be with Lola all day" while he's stuck across town.

A few weeks ago there was a marathon showing of the best country-music videos of all time (I know, I can already hear the groan coming from my side of the family), but there was a reference to a video about how having children particularly changes a woman. And Ray, without any preamble, said he can already see how I've changed. Aside from hormone-induced outbreaks, he said I've changed in regards to keeping the house nearly spotless and cooking at home all the time. Then he said that some guy friends were warning him that pregnancy is the beginning of the time that couples tend to grow apart -- but he said he's never felt closer to me than he does now.

Kind of cute.

Besides that, life continues. Last night I panicked at home and asked Ray to inspect my belly button as it looked infected or something and he's like, "Um, I think that is where your umbilical cord was cut -- it's a scar." And as I objected, saying that it was never like that before, he gently reminded me that I probably had never seen as much of my belly button as I can now. (Although I am still proud to say that it has not yet completely popped.)

I am getting more and more uncomfortable, but nothing too unbearable yet (although 10 more weeks still seems awfully long).

I also got a taste of how miserable I think I will be in June. The heat at church was broken on Sunday so it had to be at least 90 degrees in the chapel and I was miserable. Absolutely miserable. So, hopefully the humidity holds off until July or August (and, yes, I realize that I was just complaining about the snow last week, but I'm a complainer by nature I think).

Anyhow, thanks for checking on us! (And on a private note, if "B" or "N" is reading this -- enjoy your appointment tomorrow!)

- Bethany :)

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