Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The sun'll come out...

This is just one of the final details that the nursery has been waiting on since Sunday night. Considering the blue sky, green grass and flowers throughout the nursery, we instantly fell in love with this ceiling light fixture a few weeks ago (it is so much more appropriate than the standard dome light that was on the ceiling). We bought the sun light Sunday morning and were very disappointed Sunday night to discover, in Bemidji, that several important pieces were missing.

So imagine my surprise when I returned home yesterday after a late night at work and found that Ray had magically found some way to get the light attached and working as it should (even after he told me on the phone just minutes earlier that he had given up). It is so nice! It just brings the whole room together, I think.

An added bonus is that the room now has a warm, yellowish tint when you turn the light on, if that makes sense. It's not bright, but relaxing.

Of course, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I couldn't help but think that Ray and I have never actually been camping on a day such as we have depicted in the nursery. Tornado warnings, yes. Thunderstorms and hail, yes. Partly cloudy days that end with torrential downpours, yes. Oh wait, I take that back. There was that one camping trip we made that was pure misery due to a lack of clouds (and water) and 105-degree heat, not counting the humidity. But that's a story for another day...

- Bethany :)


mk said...

That is so cool!! How beautiful! Maybe you two can camp out there till the baby comes?!

Stars and suns...sounds mystical!

Love mom

david said...

Very nice job you two! Just imagine all the time the 3 of you will be "Camped out" in that room over the next couple years!
See ya!