Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday night at home

Ray and I spent last night cooking dinner and putting away miscellaneous baby supplies -- we even gave Lola her own kitchen cabinet space! Ray also has been really excited to set up our "baby gym" and see how it looks. So, we did that too (and as in we, I mean I read the directions and Ray put it all together). It's so cute! And it plays classical music, so we listened to Mozart last night instead of Johnny Cash for a whole three minutes.

Here, also, is the promised picture of our beautiful bassinette! It has been used for four generations in the Evans' family, starting with my grandmother's infancy. It's so pretty!

Besides that, no news here.

Just thought I would share a few pics with you,
- Bethany :)


Kelly said...


Where's the picture of the stuffing?

I love the bassinette!


Mom said...

You sure make me are so funny! Especially the previous entry. Well, she almost here! The last 2 months I think are the hardest...all that waiting and feeling uncomfy. But soon Lola will be in your arms!

Can't wait to see you on Friday...


Alison Lea Photography said...

I LOVE the bassinet!!!!
It's beautiful!