Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts

There is a sign outside a business in Bemidji that every morning makes me smile: "Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans."

It always makes me think of our pregnancy experience. When Ray and I decided last year that we were in an OK place to begin expanding our family, we did so thinking that it would take us, at least, three months to actually conceive a child, but really we thought it would take us the better part of a year or more. Boy, were we surprised three weeks later...

On another note, I think I have mentioned before that Ray's favorite nickname for me is Chicken Little because I worry about everything all of the time. Pregnancy has only exacerbated this. First it was, "I'll feel better once I hit 13 weeks." Then, "Things will be easier once I see the baby on the ultrasound." Followed by, "Once I can actually feel her moving, I won't worry so much." Now it's, "OK, once she's out and crying and I can see that she's healthy, everything will be good." But I'm starting to realize that that is, really, only going to be the beginning. I'm sure then I'll worry about SIDS and illnesses. About whether she is eating or sleeping enough. Whether I'm a bad mom for taking her to the park too soon or for going back to work. So, it seems like I'm in for a lifetime of worries.

A quick funny, kind of: About a month or so ago, Ray and I were eating lunch at McDonald's and saw a couple getting their small kids into the play area, you know, where they have all those climbing tubes, slides, etc. And I said, "Just think. That will be us in a few years." Ray got all ruffled and said, "Our child is not ever going to step place in here." Ray, obviously, plans to do a LOT of cooking in the next 18-plus years.

It was actually kind of cute, though, during a childbirth class. We were divided into groups and had to list the pros and cons of pregnancy. Ray came back and whispered to me, "Guess which ones were mine?" Oh, goodie. So then I was worried that he made some inappropriate comments. But, no, the list comes out and for pros the guys had included "more homemade food" and "cleaner house" and Ray is sitting next to me just beaming. He's so cute. But, it is true. We do cook so much more often at home now. And our house is pretty clean, which is really nice. We'll see if this lasts after the baby is born.

Anyhow, for not really having any news or a particular subject in mind, this got rather long. So, quickly, these were the results from this morning appointment: Baby is measuring "perfectly" (whatever that means) and her heartbeat is strong and good. Things are progressing very well and everything seems to be on track.

I fell (again) last night while trying to walk to the kitchen. I tripped on my pants leg and hit the floor on all fours, skinning my knees up pretty good. But I didn't land on my stomach! And Lola was kicking and rolling around all last night afterward, so I wasn't too worried. Reminded me of a tennis coach who once told me, "You're the least coordinated tennis player I've ever seen." Yup, I'm a klutz.

Have a happy week,
Bethany :)


Mom said... are 28? and I still worry about you and Eric and Brian...never leaves you. Worrying is just part of the whole package.

You and Ray will be good parents, I don't doubt it.

I would worry less if you fell less!

Love mom

Kelly said...

I think your mom's post says it all. :-) Good parents will always worry. It's their own way of showing how much they love their child.


Jean said...

I just read your last three additions to your blog - you seem to be very contemplative and you are correct (so is your mom) that worrying really never stops! It does change with the changes in your child though! As a child isn't it nice to realize how important you still are to your MOM?

I think this last month or so has a purpose and you are using it just as you should.

Love to ALL

Other Mother