Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Springtime changes

I gave up on my wedding ring last week. My finger had been especially itchy and when I took of my ring, I noticed that it was rubbing all of the skin away from the top of my ring finger, leaving a thumb-sized spot that was swollen and red. I thought at first that a little bit extra lotion would do the trick, but I think my ring was just getting a bit too tight. So it has been retired for the time being.

Ray was kind of funny about it, though. He pointed to my ever-growing belly and said that he's pretty sure people will get the message that I'm taken.

Well, we now have less than five weeks left. In fact, our due date is exactly one month from Friday. We'll see what happens. This coming weekend's big projects will include one final scrub-down of the car and getting the car seat installed. (Seriously, the book on how to install that thing is thicker than most of the novels on my shelf in the bedroom.) Other than that, we just need to start washing all of her clothes and give the poor rocking horse some hair.

The baby is still as active as ever. She has stopped kicking so much but has been more squirmy (is that a word?) and restless. I think she's picking up on her mother's sleeping habits. This is my nightly sleep routine: I roll over, straighten my legs out, curl back up into a ball, put one leg over a pillow, somehow kick said pillow onto the floor, curse silently, stand up and use the restroom, come back to bedroom, pick up the pillow off of the floor, get comfortable and fall asleep for all of 7 minutes, and then start the whole process over again. Lola must think this is normal.

While the end is in sight, we're certainly not there yet -- we have two more weeks before I hit 37 weeks and am then considered "term" and eligible to actually give birth to the little one. Until you are exactly 37 weeks, our hospital will actively try to stop any labor symptoms -- and if they can't, you get a free ride to Fargo, which is where the NICU is. And, well, I'm trying to delay a visit to Fargo for as long as possible.

- Bethany :)

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