Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Springtime in Bemidji

Ray and I had a fairly funny conversation last night in regards to the probable pain and stress of delivery. He said he was amazed that I wasn't more concerned about tearing or the actual delivery. My response was this: "There's nothing I can really do about it now. I mean, you can panic and hum and haw about going on a roller-coaster, but once you're actually on the roller-coaster and it's click-clicking up the steep incline, it's not as if you can change your mind and get off." He laughed, thinking it was rather strange I was comparing delivery and an amusement park ride. (He was also nice enough not to point out that the roller-coaster ride lasts, at most, three minutes and not 30 hours.)

I'm still feeling pretty well and while my back is aching a bit more, but I can still sleep through the night. Although it is a bit disconcerting that my rolling over in bed now creates an earthquake-like rumble and wakes Ray up every time. But, I'm sure he'll survive. And if not, there's a couch in the living room with his name on it.

Lola has seemed to either have doubled in size within the last week or gotten a hold of some steroids or something. What used to be endearing little kicks and punches now hurt like heck. And, while all those baby books and doctors say that movement decreases in the final stretch here, my daughter didn't get that message. She doesn't stop moving. Ever. I get a 30-minute break once an hour maybe and after that she just does acrobatics in there. The good news is I think my work puts her to sleep so at least I can get some stuff done here at the office. But as soon as I get in the car, it's play time.

She also loves her daddy. I mean, I can rest my hand on my stomach and I will, occasionally, get a little response. But as soon as she just hears Ray's voice, she goes nuts. She kicks and punches and plays instantly. It's pretty funny - and, at times, pretty annoying too.

She also drives me crazy at bedtime. All the books, doctors, etc., say that you are supposed to sleep on your left side - or on your right side if needed, but never on your back. Well, Lola does not like to share her space at all. Each night, I walk into the bedroom, lie on the bed and turn onto my left side and she immediately goes nuts. Pushing and kicking at anything that is touching my stomach. So I flip onto my right side and she freaks out there too. The only way I can ever get some rest is to sleep on my back. This lasts until I get about as close to sleep as possible and then I quickly roll onto my left side and fall asleep before she can start in on me. And, since I can sleep through a hurricane, her constant activity goes mostly unnoticed.

So these are our days. We are really loving them, if you can't tell. Sure, I complain and whine about aches and pains and stretch marks, but it's all very lovely, really. Sometimes I wonder how it's going to be once she is out. I mean, seeing and holding her, I'm sure, will bring its own joys, but I think I'm going to miss the kicks.

Thanks for reading!
- Bethany :)

P.S. On a weather-related note, it snowed here Saturday. That would be May 10. It, of course, didn't stick or anything, but we had a couple of hours' worth of snowflakes. On May 10, the 52nd official day of spring. I already told Ray that if it snows on Lola's birth date, we're moving.

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