Monday, June 16, 2008

OK, any day now...

Well we are officially ready and just waiting for Baby.

While it rained all weekend here (again), we had just enough dry weather early Saturday to get the car vacuumed and the car seat installed. So, we are now "all set" and just waiting for something to happen. The house is clean, the bags are packed and all of our baby stuff is washed and ready to go.

Truthfully, I liked it better when we weren't quite all set. Now I'm anxious and impatient. But it's not as bad for me as it is for Ray. I guess he was really hoping she would be here in time for Father's Day, so he was all disappointed yesterday (just between you and me, though, I would have been a little ticked if Baby decided to give him an extra holiday, so I was OK with her staying inside a bit longer).

So, now we are looking at maybe Wednesday?! Heard something about a full moon, so you never know! We are fine with waiting for a week or two, but we are pretty impatient people. There is really just one date we would like Baby to avoid, if at all possible: June 25 will be our third wedding anniversary and, as Ray put it last night, "I would like to celebrate in ways that don't include princesses, Barbies or butterflies every year."

We've joked for a while now about a Fourth of July baby also, and while that looks like a real possibility so far, I still like the idea of a June baby. Mainly because I'm sick of maternity clothes. Really, the idea of a baby bump at first sounded so cute! Yeah, I'm pretty much over that now. It's summer and I'm ready to wear high heels and cute clothes again. I mean, I'm outgrowing my husband's football T-shirts for crying out loud.

But honestly, in the scheme of things, we're doing well here. I complain a lot, but that's kind of just my nature. My back has actually not been bothering me as much as it was and I'm probably the only person in Minnesota who is completely loving this cool spring/summer so far! My nighttime nausea seems to have dissipated, too, so that's a bonus.

I am, however, still missing my mind. This morning I got out of the shower, put my hair in a towel, made the bed and started to do my makeup before I realized that I never rinsed out the conditioner. Later, I got in my car and drove halfway down the driveway before I realized that I didn't have either my lunch or my purse. Oh well. At least I didn't leave a candle burning or anything...that I know of.

- Bethany :)

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Jean said...

Well, I understand the feelings about your anniversary. When I was expecting Raymond, there was only one day that I wanted to avoid - that was August 1st - my birthday. My logic was I didn't want to spend my birthday's at Chuck-E-Cheese. Well as most of you know that was the day that Raymond was born - I survived and you guys will too!

Love to all------