Thursday, June 5, 2008

A quick update

Well, without going into too many details in case someone is eating lunch while reading this, I had my first super-sized appointment yesterday.

While conducting the exam, I kind of flinched a little bit and the doctor half-laughed at me, "You know a baby is coming out of there, right?" I replied that I would believe it when I see it. But then I learned that since I've been carrying low throughout the pregnancy, that is almost always a good sign that the baby will be able to fit through, well, me.

So, in short, ouch.

More importantly, it doesn't look like Baby is ready to come yet (which is nice, because neither of her parents are ready for her arrival). I am still "all closed up" but soft - so I guess we are making some progress.

I was wrong about one other thing, too -- I thought we only did these exams at 36 weeks and then at 40 weeks, but apparently they do them every week. Joy. Oh well, I guess having more information is always better than the alternative.

That's about it here -- enjoy the rain!
- Bethany :)

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Alison Lea Photography said...

i'm glad to "hear" all this stuff before i get to that point.

can't wait to read all about Lola and see pix when she arrives!!!!