Friday, July 11, 2008

4 more days...

I really hadn't ever prepared myself for the possibility that I would know the date of Baby's birth before she was really born. I just figured one night (always seems to be at night in my mind), my water would break and we would go to the hospital.

This whole anticipation/countdown thing is not easy. I think I do better "under pressure" when problems and instances just happen. If I have too much time to sit and stew about things, I make them out to be a lot worse than they are. Public speeches. Roller-coasters. School bus rides (long story).

So, I'm developing a list of the advantages of knowing her birth date (most likely, anyways).

1. I can do my hair ahead of time. (I know, I know: My appearance should be the last thing I'm concerned about. But I'm a realist. Besides, my attitude and overall demeanor is much more pleasant when I style my hair and put on makeup.) Plus, I can plan a hospital-friendly outfit ahead of time and shave my legs.

2. I can pack better. (Yes, I have my "bag" all packed and everything, but there are still last-minute items I need to grab such as shampoo, a toothbrush, etc. Knowing when we need to leave will give me plenty of time to get things organized and put together.) Plus I can gather a supply of books or magazines in case I want something to read.

3. Everyone knows ahead of time when we are going in. This is nice because I won't have to call 5-10 people while on the way to the hospital. (And since my dear husband has decided that I can't text message anymore, calling everyone individually would take more time.)

4. I was able to say good-bye to co-workers and friends in town that I usually see on a daily basis.

5. I can clean my house ahead of time. Really, the "plus" was that I didn't make the bed for the first time in three weeks this morning. Every morning, I had been making the bed, doing the dishes and cleaning up "just in case" the baby was coming and relatives would need some place to stay. This morning, though, I instead took a long bath and left Ray's piles of clothing right where he threw them. I even left for work without feeling bad about it -- amazing what a closed bedroom door can block out of sight!

Well, that's really all that comes to mind right away -- let me know if you can think of any more! I'll take what I can get!

Until next time,
- Bethany :)

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Laurie said...

Thanks for passing this blog along to us Bethany! It's really interesting to read and I look forward to many updates after Lola is born. :)