Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eating one's own words

To quote myself: "Would hate for them to check me, laugh and then just send me home."

OK, so I didn't get the laugh, but I certainly got sent home. Ray and I thought we did the whole timing thing right, but apparently we were WAY off!!!

Long story short: We went to the hospital tonight, spent about two hours in Labor and Delivery and learned a whole bunch about contractions -- specifically, how to time them correctly. Apparently what I thought were coming every five minutes -- we had timed them for two-plus hours -- were not coming regularly at all. I was certainly having a whole bunch, but they weren't coming regularly and were not strong enough. So, we were sent home.

Emotionally, we're tired. I'm a bit more embarrassed than anything -- I mean, I thought at the LEAST I would be dilated to 1 cm or something -- but no, I'm just a "fingertip." I guess that's better than being "all closed up," but that's like saying the second year of high school is better than the first; really, they're both terrible.

So I am going to bed now. And I'm hoping that someday I will go into labor -- preferably before Lola's baptism.
- Bethany :)

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Jean said...

Sorry it went that way - it isn't fun ever to get sent home, but you certainly weren't the first and won't be the last. Lola is getting ready, she just wasn't quite there last night.

Love you all