Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A few theories

I have two theories at this time:
1.) Baby is just like Mommy and likes to work up to the very last possible moment before missing her deadline; or
2.) Baby is just like Daddy and is late. All of the time. No matter what the event or destination.

Either way, the end result is the same: Baby is staying put.

Yep, the doctor today confirmed it: No progress. Well, that's not quite 100 percent true: I have made very miniscule progress, but nothing measurable. I think that was just her nice way of telling me that I'm all closed up. Still.

While anything can still happen and Lola could shock us all at any time, a Fourth of July baby does not look likely. In fact, doctor said she wouldn't be overly surprised if I'm still here for next week's appointments. We have another ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and a doctor's appointment Thursday morning.

They say the ultrasound is planned to check fluid levels and make sure everyone is still healthy, but I have another theory. I think they just schedule the ultrasounds now because mommies expect to be holding their darned babies by this point. So, they offer the next-best option: See a picture of the baby you can't yet hold.

But, really, if I have to still be pregnant on July 9, I would love to see the baby on screen. And Ray wasn't able to make it to the first ultrasound, so that is a bonus. He did say today, though, "I'd rather hold her than look at a picture." Then he looked down at my belly and said his latest catchphrase: "Come OUT! I want to meet you."

Don't we all.

- Bethany :)


Wendy said...

Maybe she'll just be fashionably late.... :-)

Hope you can enjoy your 4th!

david said...

Well Bethany let's be real here. Lola is just taking her time and sleeping in. Just like somebody else we all know! Maybe you shouldn't drive so much, you know what car rides did to you (and still do according to Ray!). Oh well, she will be here and make the wait worth while.
Hang in there a little, not Lola!
Love ya,

Jean said...

First you worry that they will come to soon, then 'OK - it's time - when are you coming out'

This is just a small lesson to let you know that you will always have something to worry about once you have kids!

Love to all!