Monday, August 18, 2008

A happy baby

Getting a picture of a smiling Lola is like finding Bigfoot. And, since someone supposedly found the furry creature, I figured I should try to capture one of my daughter's smiles. She is happiest in the morning, so this was taken Friday morning, while she was playing in her bouncy seat.

The smile was especially rewarding since Lola has been fairly crabby lately. We're pretty sure it's a humidity. When the air conditioning is on, she is much happier. So now we are looking forward to winter! Well, not really.

Anyhow, she is five weeks old today and just gets cuter by the day. She is funny and already is fairly spoiled -- she absolutely refuses to poop in a wet diaper. So, if you change her and she is really wet, you kind of just wait around by the changing table for a few minutes until she soils the new one. It's pretty funny.

- Bethany :)


mk said...

Smiley girl!! and she doesn't like to get messy, like her mom! Except when eating ice cream! Love you...

Alison Lea Photography said...

so fun to see updates! she's already changed a lot since our shoot.

we'll have to do another next time you're down!!!!! maybe she can meet Baby Girl Geier then, too...if I'm lucky. haha.

david said...

man, I sure miss you all!