Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lola's first trip to the headwaters...

Lola made her long-awaited first trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River today. We figured that it was about time to take her to a state park and decided Itasca was ideal for her inaugural visit. (Itasca also was where Ray and I went to celebrate the day we found out we were expecting.)

Well, as our luck would have it, there was a wedding taking place literally in the waters at the headwaters and a crowd of about a hundred were gathered around the riverside. We couldn't really wait for the wedding to end as Lola was less than thrilled with the experience. We took a few quick pictures along the shore of Lake Itasca and a few further down along the Mississippi. As you can see, it was a beautiful fall day -- the leaves are just breathtaking up here.

Just thought I would share.
- Bethany :)


david said...

Too bad you were intruded upon! You all look so happy, well maybe not little miss outdoors but she will learn to love it too!
Miss you guys. See you soon.
Grandpa Dave

Alison Lea Photography said...

I think she looks like you, B. :)
She is so beautiful!
Can't wait to see you for photos - SOON!!!