Sunday, October 26, 2008

A quick trip to the park...

We decided to head to a park in town to try to get some pictures of all of us together. So, we started to pack up about 1 p.m. and left the house about 3 p.m. Great planning on our part as Lola had definitely had enough awake time by the time we actually got to the park -- we really only stayed about 15 minutes. She was cranky, the wind was blowing hard and you could feel the snow coming. (Yes, we got our first taste of snow -- well, it actually snowed for a few minutes earlier this month, but this was the first time it continued. Nothing stuck around, but it won't be too much longer.)

We realized that has probably been the biggest change for us since having Lola: We're no longer able to just pick up and go. B.B. (Before Baby), we used to grab our camping stuff or a bag full of clothes and just head north for the weekend or the day. Now, it takes us two hours to pack for a 15-minute trip to the park - and we still forgot something.

Not that we mind, obviously, it's just a change.

We also realized that this is the first year since we got married that we won't have hiked to the top of Eagle Mountain. We did it on our honeymoon in 2005 and repeated the trip in 2006 and 2007, planning to do it at least once a summer. But it wasn't practical to bring a two-month-old along with us, so we didn't do it this summer. Oh well, hopefully, we'll be able to bring her along next summer.

But we have gotten so much in return. Lola is such a happy baby and loves to have us around; she doesn't much like it when we're out of sight. It's nice to be wanted!

- Bethany :)

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