Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three months later...

Well, Lola officially turned three months old yesterday.

And she celebrated this morning by learning to roll over! The first picture is the "before" - it literally was taken seconds before she went for it. The second is the "after" shot, but before she started grinning. I was so excited I forgot to get the smiley pics.

She was so proud of herself!

Lola was so cute. We woke up a bit early than usual this morning, and we always do her "exercises" and play time before work, since that is when she is happiest. (How in the heck Ray and I got a baby who loves the morning-time is beyond us; we have a standing rule in our house that we don't speak to one another before 10 a.m., and no, I'm not kidding.) Anyhow, I put her on her tummy for some tummy time, although she was kind of cranky at the time. And she looked at me lying on the floor next to me and just threw herself onto her left side. She's been doing this more and more lately, but then she actually pushed herself the rest of the way.

I was so excited! And, it was just what I needed. Yesterday was an emotional day for me. Lola and I had to wake up in a hurry yesterday and I had to get her to daycare by 8 a.m. -- and then I had a 13-hour day in front of me. I didn't get home until midnight. So you can guess how much time we had together.

Ray and I do a "dream feed" at night. Whoever is the last to bed gives her a bottle in her sleep, more or less. So I gave her a bottle at about midnight and I kind of all sad and teary-eyed. Felt like I was missing out on everything. Plus, it really didn't help that Ray, bless him, put her in a sleeper that she hadn't before been able to wear because it was too big. And, it fit perfectly. So I couldn't get over how big she is.

I really have no regrets about going back to work, but the long days are hard on me. With it being election season, I am now working every Monday night for council meetings and also every Tuesday night covering debates. Which I love, but it's hard not getting home until after she's in bed.

But this morning made everything good again -- I'm just SO glad I was there when she did it! I would have really been a wreck had I missed it!

Thanks for checking on us,
- Bethany :)

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