Sunday, November 2, 2008

First laugh!

Lola laughed for the first time today! I wish I could describe it ... It's not that I don't have words for it - I actually didn't hear it.

I've been wanting pictures of Lola outside for weeks now, and since the snow will be coming soon, I decided today would be the ideal day. It's sunny and pretty warm outside. And, since trips to the park don't seem to be her thing yet, I decided to do it here at home.

Lola woke up from her afternoon nap at 2:30 p.m. I gave her a bottle and handed her to Ray while I went outside to get set up. I was LITERALLY fifteen steps from the front door, which is about five feet down a little hill. I was only gone for half a minute, just long enough to put the blanket down and come back inside.

When I get back inside, Ray is all giddy and giggling, saying that Lola just laughed, for real, for the first time. I missed it. :(

I suppose it's only fair; he missed her first roll over - but I still feel robbed. I mean, if I was at work, fine, I could deal with that. But I was outside for thirty seconds! Grr.

I know, I know. They'll be plenty more laughs. (Not that she is doing any more yet today.) But I'm still sad...

Oh well. At least the pictures are cute!
- Bethany :)

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