Monday, November 10, 2008

Lola's life

We are counting down to Lola's next doctor's appointment (not for the shots, but because we're anxious to learn her new height and weight). We agree that she is over 14 pounts, but Ray thinks she has topped 15. We'll see; she goes in on Nov. 25, so we have a little while yet.

She continues to amaze us every day. Most often because she's smiling and happy all of time, but occasionally she reminds us that she can scream, quite loudly in fact.

She hasn't laughed again lately, but I'm sure it will happen again soon.

She loves being on her tummy now and doesn't seem too interested in rolling over very often, but sometimes she'll do it just to show us thta she can. But then she'll scream (she hates to be on her back unless it's sleeptime) until you put her back on her tummy.

Lola also loves fuzzy things, particularly blankets and a little pink elephant that her cousin gave her before she was born. (The above pics were taken while she was cuddling with a very large stuffed dog that Raymond gave me a while ago.) That's the easiest way to get a smile, to hand her something soft.

On the flipside, while we have been introducing her to diferent textures of leaves and plants on our nightly walks, she let us know that she did not like the feel of pine needles. (Not that we shoved them into her skin, we just let her hand graze them.) She quickly pulled her hand away and held her little fists together, making sure that we wouldn't make her touch that again. Pretty funny.

Not that everything she does in cute. She now hates it if we leave the room or don't make constant eye contact with her while she's playing. That makes it harder to make dinner or shower -- but, really, I kinda' love it because it makes me feel wanted instead of needed all of the time.

So, life continues!
- Bethany :)

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