Friday, December 12, 2008

Food chronicles

Wow, I guess I have been a little busy! I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated. The Wesleys are, like everyone else I am sure, getting ready for the holidays and getting re-acquainted with the ice scraper. Oh joy.

Lola is having a rough December thus far. We had been continuing to give her solids up until last Saturday (Dec. 6) when she began to have, um, digestive issues. We had been giving her oat cereal in the mornings and afternoons and green beans at nighttime. Neither of which she liked. Then, with her new problems, the doctor recommended that we stop giving her beans and start giving her some pear juice, which she also does not like. But, we're trying. We now figure that if we force her to take the juice first, when she is absolutely starving, we can get her to take about an ounce a day, and it seems to be helping.

So...last night, we decided that we should re-start the solids again. So we broke out a container of green peas. A "good day" for Lola with solids is 4-5 little spoonfuls. We finally had to cut her off about a halfway through the container. She absolutely loved them!!! It was so cute. She was reaching for the spoon, and then, at the end, when Ray gave her the final spoonful, he brought the container over by her to clean up and she reached for the whole container. It was pretty nice.

Then, this morning, I decided to try a little bit of cereal and, boy, was she excited! She was all smiles and excited ... until I tried to get the oats in her mouth. She got all upset and didn't want any - was like she was looking around for her peas.

So funny.

So now we will wait and see throughout the day and see how she does. Hopefully, the combination of the solids and the juice will help her out a bit.

Selfishly, Ray and I are just hoping she will start digesting them good and sleep longer than 4-5 hours a night. We totally miss her 10-hour stretches from two months ago ... But that's a story for another day.

Happy Winter!
- Bethany :)