Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holidays, reflections

We finished up a week's worth of Christmas celebrations with a very quiet evening at home Saturday, giving Lola a few gifts from her Mom and Dad and taking just a couple of more Christmas pictures.

The best "stocking stuffer" ever! :)

This new toy was finally something that she enjoyed playing with on her tummy. Yay!

On a different note, Lola's life has taken a little change this week as she is no longer in day care. Ray has been (temporarily) laid off at work. His office is expecting new jobs in early 2009, so he could go back to work in as soon as two weeks or as long as two months. In the meantime, he is playing Mr. Mom and loving his time with Lola.

Of course, he is teaching her a few new things, such as this:

Yep, she now sticks her tongue out. Constantly. She smiles with her tongue out, laughs with her tongue out, and even tries to eat with her tongue out (unsuccessfully).

Lola continues to change almost daily. She still cannot sit on her own for more than 1-2 minutes at a time, but she really has no desire to sit. She loves to stand and even locks her knees straight when you try to get her into a sitting position. Once she is sitting, she tries to stand on her own. She doesn't get very far, but you can tell she wants to be vertical.

Sunday, I was letting Lola stand while holding onto my fingers for balance when she decided to try walking. She took two steps. She has no concept of balance or anything, so I had to steady her, but she was all ready to go.

Lola continues to try solids and absolutely loves her peas and carrots. But, she hates anything sweet. She has no interest in any kind of juice (apple, pear, etc.) and she does not like sweet potatoes or fruit. But, give her a container of peas and she is happiest kid in the world. (Which makes Ray and I wonder about her genetics...)

So this is our life. And, we love it.
- Bethany :)

Editor's note: Right after I posted this, Ray called to say that Lola is now sitting on her own. She's already out to prove Mommy wrong...