Friday, December 26, 2008

Lola's first Christmas!

Lola's first Christmas was amazing. We returned "home" to the Twin Cities for two days and visited family and had a blast visiting and catching up with everyone.

Ray often says I'm too busy with the camera to actually take part in our daughter's moments sometimes, but having pictures of these last few days was/is important to me, and looking back at these pics reminds me why:

Lola, too young to really understand the concepts of gifts or wrapping paper, was absolutely mesmerized with the "shoes" on her tights. Forget the piles of gifts, Lola had shoes! Takes after her mom, I guess ... except no heels. Yet.

While the rest of us ate too much food between appetizers and main meals, Lola didn't really seem too left out. She had a snack all her own!

Merry Christmas!
- Bethany :)