Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teething maybe? Hopefully?

You can't tell much from this picture (taken on Christmas Eve), but Lola has been not herself the past five days or so. We assume, based on our incredibly limited baby experience, that this means she is teething. She is crabby and unhappy most of the time and is constantly drooling and chewing on everything. Seems to fit the symptons. So, we're going with that.

But it is completely uneven. She can be screaming and unhappy one moment and happy and giggling the next.

Take yesterday:

8:30 a.m. - I leave for work, Lola wakes up smiling.
9 a.m. - I get to work and call Ray, who says baby is happy, smiling and laughing.
10:30 a.m. - Ray calls me, "Help. Lola is really unhappy."
noon - Ray: "She's a happy baby again."
2 p.m. - Ray: "Lola is really crabby, and she won't sleep."
2:30 p.m. - Ray (half-whining): "When are you coming home?"
4 p.m. - I get home. Lola hasn't slept and is crabby. She starts crying and just wants to be held and rocked.
5 p.m. - Ray leaves house to go grocery shopping. Baby is unhappy.
6 p.m. - I put Lola to bed. She sleeps 10 whole minutes.
6:15 p.m. - Lola wakes up and is the happiest darned baby in the world. Laughs for one hour straight (no kidding - she was laughing so hard she got the hiccups).
7:30 p.m. - Goes to bed for night.

The sleeping is continuing to be an issue. She used to get put in her crib and would fall asleep on her own. Now she screams. Like a "help, my parents are trying to murder me" scream. Endlessly. Until we pick her up. Then she glares at us.

We've only been able to get her to sleep in her bouncer chair, which she is on the verge of outgrowing. (Really, she is practically on the ground when she lays in it, but it makes her scream less, so we're going with it for now.) Every morning Ray pledges to again get her to sleep in her crib. But by noon, he's given up again. Not that I blame him in the least.

So, we're trying.

Meanwhile, we're trying to get her to do something about her (assumed) painful gums. We tried teethers and chew toys, but she hates anything even remotely cold. She will gnaw on a room temperature teether, but she bores of that after about 1 minute and fusses again.

So, we're trying.

I had some hope earlier this week when one Internet source said it takes 5-7 days of fussiness before the tooth appears and all is better. Well, we still see no tooth evidence, so we researched again and found info that said it could go on for three or four months before you even see evidence of a tooth.

But, all in all, this is just me ranting a little bit. Ray is loving (for the most part) his time at home, but is getting a little stir-crazy. I'm getting spoiled as I get to sleep every night, have my lunch made for, and come home to dinner on the table - and I get my own dedicated baby time at nighttime as Ray takes some time off to just unwind. Pretty darned nice.

Thanks for checking on us,
- Bethany :)