Wednesday, January 14, 2009

six months old!!!

Today is Lola's six-month birthday! And this morning, she got the best wake-up gift ever: her parents sang her Happy Birthday.

Lola loves singing. She has since the day she was born. She smiles and laughs and touches your face whenever you sing to her. It's so cute. Of course, neither of her parents can sing a note, but we try. (She got REALLY excited the other day when "Moulin Rouge" was on TV. She couldn't see the television, but she could hear someone singing, and she was crazy trying to find the source. Pretty funny.)

She also loves her name. Every time you say her name, she'll spin around trying to see who said it and then smile at them for a few moments in appreciation.

So...this morning, when we sang Happy Birthday, she was in her glory. You could almost hear her: It's a song about me!

Anyhow, we are still adjusting a bit to Ray being home. I absolutely love it, and he loves his time with Lola, but it is a change. I've always been the one who takes care of things and home and Ray is the "fun one" and that has certainly changed. Much to Ray's dismay. Lola was screaming in her crib when I got home last night -- Ray was trying to put her to sleep -- but she would have none of it, so I went and got her (I know, I know) and she laughed and laughed when she saw me and glared at Ray when he tried to get close. We all played for about an hour or so before she went down for the night, but Lola really wanted to just play and smile and me. She tolerated Ray, but was thrilled that I was home.

So now I'm the fun one. Yay!

She is now more or less sitting on her own, which makes play time more interesting. But she still hasn't quite caught on to balance, so she'll reach for her toes or my hair and fall over.

Lola has learned to spit, which is kind of interesting. She has decided, for whatever reason, that she wants nothing to do with solids foods this week. And then last night, she spit an entire mouthful of green peas in my face. That was fun. Of course, it also got her some much-coveted bathtime, so I suppose we kind of rewarded her, so she probably thinks it's a new game. Oh well.

Sleeping continues to be a bit of a struggle right now, but that's another topic for another day.

Today, we're just looking back on the past six months.

So ... happy birthday, Lola!
- Bethany :)