Monday, February 16, 2009

7 months old!

Wow! How quickly things can change when you have an infant in the house. Seems like just yesterday we had this little lump of a person that would cry, sleep, scream, sleep, etc. Now we have this little person who really wants to get moving!

Lola turned 7 months old Saturday, which is just so hard for me to believe. I can't believe that she is going to be one year in less than five months. Then again, I also can't believe that it will spring again someday soon.

We had a little photo shoot at home last weekend, when I was able to have the "big camera" from work. So, we took some photos. She was in a cute mood, so we got some good ones - but she was not too thrilled with the idea of wearing her hat. Eating her hat, maybe...

She wants to play all of the time now. If she is not entertained, she will whine or scream. It is so adorable - and yet irritating. I mean, sometimes we're kind of tired (especially at 6 a.m.) and we just want a cup of coffee or seven before we get into a game of peek-a-boo. But Lola always wins.

Her favorite game, by far, is peek-a-boo, either by herself with a blanket or when Ray is holding her and I can hide behind the couch. Poor thing doesn't understand that I don't really live behind the couch, so if I am in the kitchen or bedroom and Ray is holding her on the couch, she's trying to look behind him to find me. Must be really fun when I'm at work...

She also loves to play with her blocks, although they frustrate her greatly. She needs to use two hands to hold them and she tries to hold them in one hand and gets mad. Especially when she realizes that she can't put the blocks in her mouth because they're too large. But nonetheless, she just loves her blocks. She gets so excited when you pull them out.

She is getting really close at figuring out how to crawl. One of these days, she's just going to take off. She moves around so well on her belly, creeping and rolling around all over the place. And now, if you place on her back, she'll just flip over onto her stomach and try moving around. She moves a few feet, but hasn't quite figured out how to boost herself onto her knees. She gets up there and the freaks out and goes back to her stomach.

But one of these days...

We have learned in the past weekend that we just might be using her Jumperoo a little too much. She loves her "jump-jump" and can stay in there for a while, if she is enjoying herself.

Well, we went out and bought her a walker this weekend for Valentine's Day -- and she is SO confused! The seat is made of cloth, like the Jumperoo, so she expects to be able to jump. She you put her in the walker and she plays with the toys for a whole 7 seconds before she tries jumping. But it doesn't let her go anywhere, so she looks at you with this sad little puppy face, saying: It's broken, Mommy. And this goes on in 10-15 second intervals until she just starts screaming.

But what is really kind of ironic is that the whole time she's walking all over the house. She just doesn't realize that she's moving. So, she pushes herself to the edge of one room and we push her back, all the while she's trying to jump, but can't. It's pretty funny. I should try to get a video of it...

So this is our life - entertaining Lola!

She has grown up a lot in the past week or two. She now loves her solids. All of them, except green beans and maybe peaches. She loves her green peas, but she has a new favorite in sweet potatoes. And she liked her applesauce a lot, too.

She is sleeping better at night (knock on wood) and Ray has been getting 7-hour stretches of sleep at night.

Our home life is about to change - and we are trying to get ready for that. Ray goes back to work on Monday (the 23rd), so he is trying to make the most of his time at home. I am so excited and happy for him! But, at the same time, I am feeling bad for Lola. Day care is good for her - I truly believe that - since Ray and I have a tendency to just stay home all of the time and Lola doesn't get out too much (but we did go shop[ping all day yesterday, and that went really well for everyone). But, I still feel bad knowing that her routine is going to change.

So we are having extra fun family days on the weekends and trying to get her used to getting dressed again (Ray hates changing her clothes, so she has been staying in sleepers a lot for the past 5-6 weeks).

Sheesh, this has gotten long. Sorry.

I will leave you now with two photos taken during our oh-so-brief brush with spring last weekend, when we were able to try out our "baby backpack" and take Lola on her first hike. Don't know how much she loved it, but Ray and I had a great time getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

Have a good week!
- Bethany :)