Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, yesterday was an emotional day in the Wesley household.

Ray was thrilled to be back at work, but also missed Lola, I think, a bit more than he had expected. I was back at work, but first I had to drop Lola off at daycare. I don't know how it would have gone had she not been upset. She was happy and smily when she saw all of the kids, But, when I handed her over to the daycare lady and she could tell I wasn't staying or taking her back, Lola started crying. And then it wasn't long before I was crying on the phone to Ray, who just didn't know what to say.

She did pretty well for her first day, although she didn't nap at all. But she is getting less and less into her naps all of the time.

We had a fabulous weekend at home. We decided to buy a new couch and then subsequently rearrange the house on Saturday. And then we got ready for some company.

We had visitors Sunday and Monday morning. My "BFF" and her husband came to see us - and they brought their not-too-small Labrador puppy, who was about four times Lola's size. But she just loved him! No fear, which is kind of odd for Lola. But she was just in love with the dog, and she did great with our friends, which also is a bit out of character. We all just had a great time! It was wonderful. (And it made it easier leaving Lola at daycare!)

Lola is still working on her movement. Not yet crawling or anything, but she is getting super good at pushing herself backward and sideways. Just not forward,

Well, we have to go do it all over again - off to daycare and work!

More later,
- Bethany :)