Friday, February 6, 2009

some good news ... and some issues

Good news first: Ray goes back to work on Monday, Feb. 23! Yay!

We do have some mixed emotions about it, as Lola has really gotten used to her daddy time and staying in pajamas all day, but we know that this is best for everyone. Ray especially. So Ray is planning to make the most of the next two weeks at home. Lots of playtime. And lots of green peas!

We are having some crib issues and I'm not really sure what to do about it yet. We have an Ikea Leksvik crib. (We bought it based on consumer reviews and the fact that they have never been recalled, etc.) But in the past week, Lola has repeatedly gotten her leg stuck in between the bars. Twice, she turned around and really got it wedged in there and as a result she had some slight bruising and tenderness. And then last night, she kept waking up because she got a leg stuck, but not too badly; Ray was able to just gently remove her leg from its position.

But we don't really know what to do about it. We could put the bumpers back on the crib, but they have so much risk attached to them. I guess they sell mesh bumpers now, where they are breathable and less blanket-y, so we might try that.

I'm just frustrated about the whole thing.

Lola is now really enjoying her tummy time and we are watching to see if she is willing to try this crawling thing. She has gotten really good at creeping all over the place, but she doesn't quite understand the whole getting her butt up in the air - she has no interest in learning how to get up on her knees. But she has lots of time to figure it out.

She has gotten really good and rolling all over the place and getting a hold of toys that are just slightly out of reach. She loves to sit up and play with her blocks and noisy toys. She hates being on her back and whines until someone helps her sit upright.

This is definitely a fun age. My favorite so far.

Ray thinks he is able to feel a tooth through her upper gums. There is something sharp there, so he's probably right. But I have no idea. We'll see. She is back to chewing on everything (such as her fingers as seen in the picture atop this post).

That's about it here.

Have a good weekend!
- Bethany :)

P.S. To anyone who might read this who went to Southwest State: Can you guess where the chair came from in the background of the first photo?! :)