Thursday, February 5, 2009

an ultrasound like no other...

This is off-topic, but SO cool!

Ray and I have always loved the Minnesota Zoo. We used to be members off an on for a few years, and Lola already has made one trip there, although she slept through most of it.

(Our enthusiasm has dimmed a bit in the past year in that the zoo is so crowded and people crowd the windows and such for so long that you can't really see anything too interesting anymore.)

Nevertheless, we still love the Zoo.

Anyhow, in the Pioneer Press today there is a story about a pregnant dolphin at the Zoo and the story includes a link to the following blog that chronicles the dolphin's pregnancy and impending labor/birth:

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you can see an ultrasound of the baby dolphin!!! It's absolutely amazing. The blog entries are so interesting, about how they conduct the ultrasounds to how trainers are preparing for the birth, and how the trainers have been able to feel the baby dolphin though its mother's belly.

Absolutely incredible.

Just thought I'd share,
- Bethany :)