Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lola is crawling! And playing ball!

Lola started crawling Sunday morning!

She has been so close these past few weeks, but just could not get the hang of it. Sunday, she and I were sitting on the floor and she was just out of arm's reach of my lap and she just went for it. It was so cute. And then I must have gotten so excited because I scared her.

She hasn't really quite taken off yet. She'll take about 2-3 "steps" (don't know what you would call it) and then belly flop forward. But she has learned that she can get to what she wants, if it is somewhat close. And, she does seem to need to re-learn how to crawl each day, but I'm sure once she really gets it down, she'll be off...

Such an exciting time.

In other, news, she has found a new favorite toy -- one that I particularly love! Yep, she loves her tennis ball!

She, of course, tries to eat it and can't, but we played a game of "catch" this morning rolling it back and forth between us. She was amazed when I bounced it a little bit toward her.

She is such a cutie. Just a fun, happy baby. She is really starting to babble a lot (and, yes, her father thinks she is saying "dada" all of the time -- I've yet to agree). She is standing while hanging on to things, but hasn't really been much interested in trying to pull herself up, other than those few times a couple of weeks ago. She is still eating like a champ and sleeping through the night (usually about 11 hours, 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. or so).

(Quick thanks to Karen, who was so kind fo make her some bows that she can wear! (The ones pictures above.) Lola has been getting lots more hair, but it still hasn't gotten long enough for rubber bands or bows. So these were very welcome! She didn't even try to pull them out! Which is so un-Lola!)

Thanks for checking on us, as always!
- Bethany :)