Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look what Lola learned!

(Don't you just LOVE her little curls?!)

After a few hours of trying to put Lola to sleep, we gave up and had some play time tonight.

And, we saw that Lola has now learned to stand all by herself while holding onto her bouncy chair (who knew?):

We knew that she was getting close, and has been trying as of late to hold herself up while hanging onto the arm rest of the couch, but we were still pretty surprised at how long she stayed standing. I know that it's hard to tell from still shots, but she stayed upright like this for a few minutes.

And then she got to be a bit of a show-off (caption: "Look, Mom, no hands!"):

Lola seems to have recovered from her first real cold. (Yes, we've been pretty spoiled parents to date.) She had an OK morning Saturday while she and I bummed at the mall all afternoon. But by 2 p.m. she was cranky and by 4 p.m. she was all plugged up. And mad. Ray had a rough night since he had "baby duty" and daylight savings or whatever. But I got some sleep! :)

She was better by Sunday morning and back to herself by Sunday night.

She continues to work on moving around. She still isn't crawling forward, but she's learning new tricks. She gets up on all fours and then leaps forward, landing on her tummy. Basically it's a belly flop. She doesn't actually move anywhere. But she is trying.

Just for fun, here are some pictures of Lola with her new friend Rugby. We had such a good visit with Kelly and Jason when they visited a few weeks ago. (Hard to believe that was like 15 inches of snow ago...) But you can see how unafraid Lola was of the "puppy" dog!

We have a set of grandparents coming this weekend, along with a new itty bitty puppy, so that should be fun! Hopefully, the blizzard here will subside by then.

More to come, I'm sure!
- Bethany :)