Wednesday, March 18, 2009

missing you already...

Time just goes too fast! We had a fabulous time this past weekend as my parents came and visited for three days. Lola had great fun and was in a super mood all weekend (which is always helpful).

She played lots with Grandpa and Grandma and showed them how she loves to crawl backwards and play with all of her toys, especially her favorite blocks.

She also go to the meet the newest member of the family, Roma. Lola didn't always know quite what to make of her, but we all fell in love with the little puppy dog. Isn't she cute?! (Roma particularly loved Lola's bouncy seat and the mat under her play gym. it was pretty cute.)

It's visits like this that make us wish that we lived just a little closer to "home" - it's hard not seeing everyone on a more regular basis.

The weather was perfect this weekend and were able to walk downtown and completely take in the sun and much-needed warmth! Lola also had her second-ever visit to a sit-down restaurant. She did MUCH better than the first time (when she screamed the whole time at Applebee's right before Christmas). This time, she played (mostly) quietly in her high chair and invited some guests to come stop by our table and comment on her so very blue eyes.

We have since gotten back into our schedules here in Bemidji and are still enjoying the nice weather.

This weekend we don't have any scheduled, just some Saturday work for me and, hopefully, church on Sunday. )We haven't been so great about regular appearances at church since Lola arrived, so we are trying to change that a little bit.)

Then, we have some more visitors next weekend when Grandma and Grandpa Wesley come into town. We are so excited to see everyone again - it feels like it has been so long! (OK, just the end of January, but this whole every-other month thing is just not what I am used to.)

Thanks for checking on us, as always!
- Bethany :)