Sunday, March 29, 2009

what a FUN weekend!

Wow! We all had such a great time this past weekend. Time always go by way too fast, but we all made the best of the time we had. Ray's parents came to Bemidji for the weekend - and Lola (and her parents) had a blast hanging at home and playing with her toys.

It usually takes Lola a while to warm up to people, but she must've remembered her grandparents, because she was comfortable with them nearly immediately. We all had so much fun.

Now we are relaxing at home, happy to have no housework to do and no cooking - we have enough meals already made for the whole week!

Lola seems to be a bit stuffy, so we are hoping that doesn't turn into a full-blown cold. We'll see.

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!

(And if anyone gets ESPNU - email us with the scores of the Beaver hockey game tonight!)

- Bethany :)