Thursday, April 16, 2009

waiting for daddy...

Ray comes home tomorrow! Lola and I are sooo excited! Not that she understands that Ray is coming home, but I know she is looking for him. Yesterday, I put Ray on speaker and she smiled so big! And today, we were looking at her picture book and I pointed to a picture of Ray, saying, "Daddy." And she spun her head around and looked at the door. So sad.

This was a long, but very productive week for us girls. My goal, sans Ray, was to get Lola to actually fall asleep in her crib. Yes, I know, she is nine months old. But, it's just been easier to let her fall asleep in her bouncy chair. And then move her. Really, in the past month or two, we've been rocking her in her chair for maybe 15 minutes and then putting her down. But this week I decided to just put her down right away. (The fact that she is large enough now that her bottom actually touches the ground when she is her bouncy chair probably helped prompt my decision, by the way.)

I should say that I don't really let her cry herself to sleep. That's just not me. I know there are tons and tons of opinions on this and such, but I didn't do that. I let her play, sing, fuss and whine. But, as soon as she started really crying (i.e. screaming), I went in and calmed her down.

So this is how it went:

Monday - doesn't count. I had a city council meeting and Lola's grandpa babysat. I did end up just putting her in her crib and letting herself put herself to sleep, but it was 9 p.m. and WAY past her bedtime (Lola usually sleeps 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. or 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Never much later than 7:30 p.m.)

Tuesday - 70 minutes

Wednesday - 75 minutes (at this point I was kind of thinking I was doing something wrong. Isn't supposed to get easier? Like shorter?)

tonight - 11 minutes (yay!)

I already gave Ray fair warning that if I saw that darned bouncy chair next week once he's back I'm retiring from all-night duty. Permanently.

In other news, Lola has learned new skills this week. She can now go from crawling to sitting to crawling again. At will. She is moving around so much, it's exhausting - but so fun! She also has somehow picked up this odd habit of crawling over to a stuffed animal (such as the large Easter bunny pictured below) and rubbing her head all over it. She does this on the bed, also, with pillows. I think she is just learning different textures and stuff, but it's a little odd. She'll be crawling and laughing and then just throw her head on the bunny and rub her face all over it. It makes me laugh.

Her new favorite game is Catch Me If You Can! She crawls away from me, eventually getting here:

Once under the Jumperoo she knows it is harder for me to get to her. She thinks it's fun to see Mommy get down on her knees just like her. I think it's irritating, personally. But it is cute. Can't be mad when she's grinning at you!

Anyhow, that's about it here.

Happy spring! Finally!
- Bethany :)


David and Mary Kay said...

Wish we were there to see our littlest(?) p-nut. Growing up so fast now! So precious seeing her learn new things, and pretty darned funny hearing her give you the run around!!
Love you all and miss you.
Love Grandma and Grandpa Evans

Kelly said...

Ha! I think it's cute! See, another good reason why we should be living closer to one another! :-)