Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend visit

We all made a long-overdue trip "home" to the Cities this past weekend. It was so nice to see everyone again!

We first went to Maple Grove and Lola had a blast playing with her grandma and grandpa. She also was quite taken with Ori, the kitty-cat. Ori, on the other hand, was less than thrilled with her presence, but he did pretty darn well.

We brought her toys along, but Lola was much more interested in Grandpa's pile of magazines:

Saturday afternoon, Lola made her first appearance at Totino's, a Wesley Family tradition. She was quite impressed with the menu:

Saturday evening, we gathered with my family to catch up and celebrate as the family is expecting another wee one in several weeks. Lola played with her cousins, but it was pretty obvious that she isn't used to having to share or get whatever she wants (yeah, she's spoiled like her mother). It was great fun!

Today, we are both home relaxing. Lola has a touch of a fever so I stayed home from work. Plus, it's snowy and raining...

Have a good week everyone!
- Bethany :)

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Naomi Evans said...

We had fun seeing you this weekend! Lola's crawling is so cute!!