Monday, May 25, 2009

Our child the fraidy-cat

This is probably not the nicest thing in the world, but it is so funny. Our child is afraid of lots of things. Loud dogs, quick movements, people who try to talk to her (like grandpas and waiters).

For Christmas on the Norgaards side, my aunt Peg got Lola a Tickle Me Elmo, which I honestly thought she would love. Well, she is scared to death of it. Seriously. We've taken it out a few times, but the result is always the same: As soon as Lola sees it she starts shrieking and crying hysterically. OK. So we moved it and hid it in a corner of her bedroom so she doesn't have to see it.

Yesterday, now that she is more into exploring, she crawled into that corner and saw Elmo was there. I wasn't home at the time, but Ray was - and he said that as soon as she saw Elmo she started wailing, as if to say, "I didn't know he was here!" He got the cutest picture: (Just look at how stiff her entire body is!)

In the same vein, Ray and I decided a week or so ago to get Lola a new toy (as if she needs any more). She loves butterflies, so we picked out this butterfly that rolls away flapping its wings and stops, waiting for the baby to crawl after it. If it is knocked over, it rights itself and keeps on rolling. It's super cute. And I thought Lola would love it.

Well, she is terrified of it.

Here's a video:

Anyhow, just thought I'd share!
- Bethany :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

an exhausting weekend

First, the really cool news: Lola is saying mama!

She also has said "up" when she wants to be picked up, and has been trying - unsuccessfully - to say "all done". Much to Ray's dismay, she has not figured out "dada" yet.

We are recovering, literally, from this weekend. We left Friday for Morris to celebrate with nephew Alex as he graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris. I noticed when I picked up Lola from day care that her nose was running, and by Friday afternoon/evening, it had turned into a full cold. It was a rough night (made worse by the crappy hotel, but that's a whole 'nother story) - but Ray had the magic touch. She went to bed at 9 p.m., woke up at 10, 11, midnight and then 1 a.m. Ray got her back down at about 1:30 and she slept until 9 a.m. Such a good dad. (Mom went back to sleep.)

Saturday, Ray woke up sick. I had a touch of it, but was hopeful that it missed me. We still managed to attend the graduation ceremony, but cut our weekend trip short one day to head home. Lola was still not feeling well and Ray continued to feel worse.

Bath time always makes everything better in Lola's world, so we let her splash around for a bit.

Sunday, I woke up sick. Ray was better and Lola was recovering. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and I really didn't want to waste it. In the afternoon, I managed to lay out in the sun for an hour or so while Lola took a nap and then we packed everyone up to head to the state park for an hour or so.

She didn't love the swings as much this time, but she enjoyed playing with (and eating?) the leaves and sand. It was a nice afternoon.

Today, Ray feels better, Lola is doing really good. And I still feel crappy.

We hope to have a healthy family by tomorrow!
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 months (almost)

Life is slowly getting back to normal here. The service for Grandma was very nice, and it was comforting to be around family these past two days.

We are quickly settling back into our routine here. Lola is thrilled to be home and is, again, getting into everything. Her crawling has vastly improved these past two weeks or so and she is just cruising around as if she's on wheels. It makes getting anything done nearly impossible. But you can't help but laugh.

You would think with a house full of baby toys, Lola would be content playing with what she knows is hers, but she doesn't. She much prefers remote controls, cell phones, books, gift bags, laptops and piles of laundry. She's a handful, that's for sure!

Spring is finally here and with it comes the rain. We have been taking daily hikes in the state park after work, but rain has canceled those plans a bit lately. Lola is still getting a bit used to her backpack, but she knows that after 3-4 miles or walking, she gets some time in the swing, which she just loves.

Not too much else going on here. We're home for four days this week and then head to Morris Friday for nephew Alex's (college) graduation on Saturday.

More later,
- Bethany :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rest in peace, Grandma

My grandmother, Bette, passed away yesterday (Thursday). So we are getting ready for a visitation on Sunday and a funeral Monday. Not how I pictured my first Mother's Day, but it is what it is.

She hadn't been herself in recent years. But I've been thinking lately about who she used to be, how we used to all be together. Sitting on her porch overlooking the Lake Belle Taine in Nevis, playing cards around the dining room table, watching her cook and get everything ready to feed a hungry mob of Norgaards. I also remember her telling me to go sit on the davenport (in the living room) and being so confused. Who knew davenport was another word for sofa?!

But, for me, what I remember the most is this pillow. She had the greatest pillow. It was a square, down-filled pillow about 18 inches on each side. The cover changed over the years, but I remember this silky, light blue cover. Grandma kept it under her bed and used it at nighttime to prope herself up so she could read. When I was little, we had this little game where I would try to get that darned pillow -- it was the best! -- and she would sometimes hide it or say that it was gone, or something. Of course, I always got it in the end, and I would lay on my tummy with it under my arms while we watched TV at night.

Of course, it's not the pillow itself that I remember, but her...

Lola's middle name, Elizabeth, was given to her in honor of this grandma; Bette was shortened from Elizabeth. The "first" Lola, my mother's mother, passed away several years ago.

We are doing well, considering. It wasn't a shock when Grandma passed yesterday. Her health had been declining and there were signs in the past week or so. But, it's still sad. Of course, I'm sad more so for myself, because I know she isn't in pain and that she can speed-walk all throughout everywhere now.

Not the most uplifting post today, I'm sure. Sorry about that. But it's what's going on our lives.

Take care, have a nice weekend! Enjoying fishing opener and/or Mother's Day.
- Bethany :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Fun No Worries Day (and weekend)

We just got back from one of our cherished Happy Fun No Worries Day experiences, when we just pack the car and go out - usually to the state park and just try to forget about stuff we should be doing at home or thinking that tomorrow is already another Monday.

Today, we ended up at Itasca State Park. Twice, actually. We left about 10 a.m. and had planned to have lunch at the restaurant there and it was closed. So we saw the Headwaters quick and then went to Park Rapids for lunch before heading back to Itasca.

It was one of those days you just know you won't forget. Ray and I always have our best times while outside hiking or backpacking, so taking a walk throughout the park with Lola was just what we needed to welcome spring this year.

And Lola got to try all sorts of new experiences!

First, she tried crawling around in the grass. The first few times we've put her down in grass, she's hated it. But this time, she was happy. Especially while trying to eat leaves. (Which we, of course, tried to keep from actually digesting, but we're not that quick all the time.)

Then, she played in the sand volleyball court for a while and tried to dig her way to China. Seriously, our child was trying to escape us for the Chinese. Made us feel like great parents...

Her absolute favorite part of the day was the swing. She laughed and laughed.

Her least favorite part of the day was the slide. She liked it fine when I held her and let her pretend to slide down, but when she and I went down the little slide together, she screamed. Too young, probably. Oh well.

Ray and I walked throughout the park, then, and pushed her along in her stroller while she pretty much slept through the pretty scenery. But that was OK. By then, she really needed a nap.

Saturday, knowing we wanted to really enjoy our Sunday, we had a Spring Cleaning Day and got the entire house all (mostly) clean and organized. It was exhausting, but overdue. Meanwhile, Lola got to much on her new favorite snack, graham crackers.

It was pretty much an ideal weekend here, from my standpoint. Happy family time, nice weather, no bugs (yet).

Have a great week!
- Bethany :)